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16 Ways Old Shirts Can Make You Feel Rich

Those favorite shirts of yours won’t look as good in a few months. Luckily, there’s more than one way to make them useful. Try these fun ideas for your old tees.

  1. Reuse as a tote bag.

Take part in ending the use of plastic bags to conserve Mother Nature. This cool trick of turning old shirts into a tote bag can be done in four easy steps. Now you can carry a fashionable bag when heading down to the grocery.

  1. Create a fancy quilt.

As a teen, you might have hoarded dozens of shirts from different clubs, teams, or group you think were cool back then. Instead of keeping those shirts stuck in your closet, why not turn them into patches and create your own blanket. This is a cool way to bring back memories before going to sleep.

  1. Roll into a dog toy.

Keep your loyal companions occupied with a dog toy that you proudly made. Just grab a pair of scissors and a couple of old shirts in your cabinet and follow this DIY guide. There’s no more reason for you to buy an expensive toy at the pet store.

  1. Turn into bangles.

Who says you can’t be fashionable with scraps of old shirts? With a little creativity, you can turn them into stylish bangles. This tutorial has all the easy steps listed down. Share this idea to your kids and they’ll surely enjoy it.

5. Weave as a headband.

If you don’t have time to fix your hair, the perfect solution is a headband. However, some headbands don’t look flattering. Create your own chic headband by turning old tees into strips of yarn. This nifty trick will give you a pretty look in an instant.

6. Make a throw pillow.

Start an art project with your kids by teaching them how to sew. For starters, a fun idea would be a throw pillow. Take one of their favorite old shirts and use it as the cover. The finished product is something they would love to hug on the sofa.

7. Put on a slashed scarf.

For fashionistas, some shirts are never worn thrice. But, you can always turn them into a fun and sexy slashed scarf. Take those scissors out and follow this guide because you will surely enjoy this makeover.

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