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Why Bobby Pins Will Change Your Life

Bobby pins are ever present in any beauty kit. The uses are simply endless! These versatile hair accessories can take any regular hair style and elevate it to another level with hardly any effort. Try these five techniques and get more out of your everyday bobby pins instantly

  1. Style your bangs with a cool ombre chevron bobby pin design.

Look effortlessly chic with a nice ombre style to your hair. Start by pinning your bangs with one bobby pin with the open end toward the ceiling. Create a “V” shape by sliding one leg of another bobby pin at a downward angle inside the looped end of the first pin. Repeat as many times to achieve the look that you want.

  1. Finish a ponytail by covering the elastic with a hair section pinned around the base.

Achieve a fresh and natural look by finishing your ponytail with a hair section wrap. After trying your hair with your regular elastic, get a small section from the tail and wrap it around the base. Secure it with a bobby pin for a put together style.

  1. Secure braids with a secret bobby pin.

A concealed bobby pin is a great way to finish a braid and make it look the neatest. Braid a section of your hair and pull it back. Add the bobby pin by inserting one foot against your head and below the braid and another on the opposite side against your head above the braid. Secure it by sliding the pin forward.

  1. Make bobby pins stick better with a dry shampoo or texture spray.

Prevent slippage by spraying dry shampoo or texture spray on the bobby pin before using. Products like Oribe Dry Texture Spray help to make the bobby pins adhere better to the hair strands. This little hack adds better grip and allows you to keep your hair style longer.

  1. Keep your face hair-free with hidden bobby pins.

Get a sexy, blown-back look by pulling your hair back using hidden bobby pins. Put one on each side of the head right behind the ear so no one can see them. This trick secures the hair and nothing falls to the front or side and you do not have to run your hands through your hair.

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