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Weird Celebrity Beauty Secrets That You Can Try At Home

There are a lot of celebrities who do zany things all the time – and who really knows if it’s for their own benefit or just for attention – but some of their tricks might actually work! The good news is that for most of these beauty secrets, you might already have the ingredients right in your very own kitchen!

1. Catherine Zeta-Jones uses beer and honey to keep her hair shiny and gorgeous – she also bushes her teeth with strawberries and pineapple to keep them white! After you shampoo your hair, you can try this method too! Mix a bit of honey with a cup or two of beer (don’t worry, it can be the cheap kind!) and pour it all over towel-dried hair.

6.26f2. Cindy Crawford spritzes her face with a solution of milk and water to keep her skin hydrated and glowing. If you can stand the smell of milk, this might be something for you!

3. Fergie actually DRINKS 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to keep her colon functioning smoothly and to help her body digest and curb cravings.

4. Kate Hudson gives her face an ice bath to tighten her pores and give her skin a healthy glow! I think it’s a great idea because I end all of my facials with cold water – not warm! It seals your pores more quickly and helps to keep stray bacteria from entering into your delicate skin.

5. Halle Berry puts coffee grinds into her body wash to exfoliate her skin and to utilize the caffeine in keeping cellulite at bay! I’m not sure, but I feel like the cleanup after this might be a bit much for me.



6. Zoe Saldana uses mayonnaise to keep her hair soft and conditioned! You can do this yourself at home by applying mayonnaise to the bottom half of your hair before a shower to keep the ends from being stripped dry by your shampoo. Rinse it out afterwards and enjoy silky smooth hair! Or a sandwich.

6.26g7. Miranda Kerr uses lip balm to highlight the corners of her eyes. Choose a natural balm if you would like to try this trick – you don’t want to clog up your pores!

8. Lisa Rinna puts cinnamon oil into her lip gloss to give her lips an extra plump pout. Be sure to test the oil on another part of your skin to be sure that you don’t have a reaction first.

9. Cate Blanchett creates a body scrub using grapefruit juice, coarse sea salt, olive oil and macadamia oil. Glowing radiant skin can be yours too with this easy and quick scrub.

10. Emma Stone also uses oil on her skin – grape seed oil from the local pharmacy! She uses it as a moisturizer to keep her skin smooth and glowing.

Some of these may work for you! Who knows? There will never be one perfect solution to looking young forever, but staying healthy and eating well seem to be the best options for most of us. Try a few of these weird secrets out for yourself and see if you can tell any difference!

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