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The Most Beloved Lip Balm

If you want to give your lips the love and care they deserve, then one of the brands you can trust is Burt’s Bees. This award-winning name claims the spot as the most beloved lip balm, and for good reasons.


A collection of natural flavors.

From the best-selling classic Beeswax Lip Balm, a range of flavors from fruits to desserts are now available. Taste the delightful hints of mango, passion fruit, blueberry, coconut, and pear on your lips. If you want to try a different blend, there’s dark chocolate, vanilla, eucalyptus, and menthol. This wide selection makes it a favorite for any season.


More benefits for your lips.

One of the reasons why Burt’s Bees Lip Balm has been a household name is the benefits it offers. Aside from hydrating chapped lips, it moisturizes and conditions the skin with antioxidants and Vitamin E. Some products are even infused with kokum, cocoa, and shea butters that leave a smooth and supple finish.

Protection that suits your style.

Aside from the usual tubes, the Burt’s Bees classic Beeswax variant is available in a squeezable container. It’s designed with a slant tip for better application. For those who have larger purses and pockets, the original tin is a preferred choice. No matter which one is chosen, all the refreshing goodness of peppermint oil is always present.


Intense care.

Too much dryness and roughness of the lips need intense care and attention. Those who have this condition can choose the Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm. This product has kokum butter that’s clinically proven to moisturize the lips up to 4 hours in only a single application.



Tinted balms.

Why settle for lipsticks that offer no nourishing factors? Try the Tinted Lip Balms and choose from 11 shades you can wear every day.



A great deal of products aside from lip balms.

Lip care is just one aspect of the growing Burt’s Bees story. If you love the products they have for your lips, there are also facial cleaners, body soaps, and products for babies. It’s a range of natural items for the entire family.


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