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Make Your Own Pillow Cover In Just 10 Minutes

I absolutely hate wasting time. I wanted to make a change to my living room by updating a few throw pillows because the ones that I had were looking, well, blah. I couldn’t find any pillows at the department stores that matched the colors I wanted or any that didn’t cost under $15. How frustrating! So I went to a craft store and bought fabric that I thought would look nice in my living room (spoiler: it didn’t match the other pillows) and I got to work. Several lopsided rectangles later, I realized that making pillows is a lot harder than it looks online.

So I searched for a simpler solution, and I found it! It was the easiest way to make functional, beautiful pillows, and it really only took 15 minutes! (The first 5 minutes were me trying to figure out how to thread my sewing machine, but I didn’t count those! You’ll most likely do it in 10!) All you need to do is make a pillow cover for your existing pillows! That’s it!


Look at these gorgeous pillows! They are trendy, they all match each other, and the most important part of all: they are all the same shape! A square! Not a rectangle that was supposed to be a square, or a square that somehow ended up looking more like a broken stop sign. They’re perfect. You can make them, too! It’s so easy. I can’t believe this isn’t standard procedure for pillows!



6.2dIt starts with a long strip of fabric. Depending on how large you want your pillows, just follow this picture for a good guide. I cut my fabric to whatever I had left after The Great Pillow Disaster of 2015. I didn’t sew any of the edges beforehand. I just cut them and ironed creases into where I thought the pillow should have edges. Using a ruler helped to make sure the creases were even.



6.2eNext, I folded at the creases, just like the picture and made sure the result looked like a square. It did. I was proud.

Then, I simply sewed the two outer edges and that was it. I didn’t even bother with the bits that were folded over.

All that was left was to flip them inside-out and stuff my lumpy misshapen pillows inside. If you don’t have pillows already, you can buy pre-made pillows, or even stuff them full of stuffing and sew them down the back after it’s closed.

My pillow covers are awesome, and the design is so easy to follow that I can change the look of my living room at any time! Now my home can look ready for any season, and all it takes is a new fabric design and a little bit of time! Seriously, I’m talking 30 minutes to make 4 pillow covers, once you’re familiar with the pattern!

This is the greatest trick that I’ve learned recently, and it saved me so much frustration! I may even start learning how to actually make pillows soon…who knows! No holiday is off limits either, July 4th, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day were all holidays that I never bothered decorating for since they were only 1 day of the year. Now, it’s so easy! Just pop out a few themed pillows and suddenly my house is so festive! Try this yourself and change the look of your living room with these simple pillow covers!

Find the full instructions here! Images from here, here, here, and here.

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