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How To Use Olive Oil For LONGER Lashes

Long and beautiful eyelashes are desired by a lot of women. They enhance the look of the eyes and give the face a sexy and sophisticated look. However, not everyone are born with dark and natural lashes. One can choose to apply mascara or put on false eyelashes, but nothing can bring out true beauty than the real thing. So how is this possible? Simple, just apply an organic ingredient, which you might already have at home.

There are no tricks here, no secrets, just one of the amazing benefits of olive oil. But before you start applying some on your lashes, you should know the all the good that it does.

Wonders of olive oil
Olive oil offers health benefits for the hair and skin. It’s a power tonic that contains healing wonders. The two main types of olive oil are virgin and extra virgin, and they differ in acid content. One of its main attributes is its hair growth factor. Applying it will stimulate the cells and make them stronger and even softer. The vitamins and nutrients from olive oil are enough nourishment for your eyelashes. If you have no makeup remover, the oil can also be used as one.

How to apply olive oil on eyelashes
The process of applying olive oil on eyelashes is easy. Simply take a cotton ball and pour a few drops. Be careful not to dampen the cotton because the oil is thick. Apply gently on your lashes and leave it there for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse it slowly with tepid water. The purpose of tepid water is to remove traces of oil without washing away all the nutrients. Do the process for 4 weeks to get better results.

An eyelash brush can also be used for application. Replace the cotton ball in the instructions above and follow the same procedure.

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