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It Did What!? 5 Secrets About Foggy Mirrors

Remember the steamy scene in Titanic when Rose’s hand slid on the foggy mirror? Yes, it’s truly hot indeed, but if you’re in the bathroom and can see nothing, that can be very annoying. The fog will surely slow you down as you get ready for work. Keep the mirror clean and prevent it from fogging up with the help of easy-to-follow tips.

Apply Shaving Cream
Guys, do you know that your shaving cream can be used to defog mirrors? Create a nice, smooth lather and slap it on the surface. Wipe it gently with a towel and you’ll see outstanding results. This will keep the pesky fog away for weeks.

Go Natural With Vinegar
If you’re already aware of the wonders of vinegar, wait till you read this one. A simple mixture of vinegar and water will make your mirror look as good as new. Ditch the idea of buying cleaners from the store that contain different chemicals, and go with an all-natural solution that can do the job. Try adding a bit of lemon juice for a fresher scent.

Pour Dishwashing Soap
Maximize the use of the dishwashing liquid in the kitchen and repurpose it as a mirror cleaner. All you have to do is apply a few drops on your palm or a clean cloth and wipe on the surface. Gently remove the remaining soap with a paper towel and you’re good to go.

Wipe Car Wax
Do you have some car wax or glass defogger in the garage? Do the trick of spraying some on your bathroom mirror. This can keep the surface clean for weeks. Simply use it like you normally do on a car’s mirror.

Blow Dry It
Women who love blow drying can use it on the bathroom mirror as well. This will save you the hassle of applying anything because you can easily eliminate water that’s visible on the surface. Now there’s nothing that will keep you from fixing up nicely.

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