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Many students look up to their teachers for a lot of good reasons. The time and patience these mentors give is truly remarkable, and the care they show the students is enough to be given a big thank you. To show greater appreciation for the things they do, here are free items and cool discounts that they would greatly appreciate.

classroomFor a classroom that’s neat and tidy.
There’s a free lesson plan from Clorox that teaches kids how to stay away from harmful germs and bacteria. The curriculum is good for Grade K-2 and Grade 3 to 5 students. There are take-home activities they can share with the family and an interactive white board where they can list down what they’ve learned.

It’s time to look good and fashionable.
Show the love to your teachers by sharing the 15% discount on clothes they can receive from Banana Republic. All they need to do is present their teacher’s ID at the store. Now they can look good while teaching in style.

Go out of this world.
Is your science teacher a self-confessed space cadet? Share the print materials straight from NASA’s Imagine the Universe! website. These include free CD’s and posters of the great universe. On the website, a teacher’s corner is included where a web-based version of these things can be viewed.




teachers loveSave big on reading materials.
Here’s a destination for teachers who love to get big discounts on reading materials. The Teacher Store by Scholastic offers up to 50% discount on a variety of instructional reading and writing programs. These items are the suitable aids in their profession to develop kids and teach them the ropes of the English language.

Help kids do better with numbers.
When students are having a hard time solving math problems, teachers become puzzled in finding the solution to this issue. Luckily, there’s a free math packet for kids to practice on this summer. Most of the concepts here are taught for third graders, but students of any grade will surely learn a lot from this free tool.

Write lesson plans clearly.
Educators need to plan their time well, and an easy way to do this is on a white board. This free sample from EverWhite will finally help them to stay free from the dust from chalk boards.

star smilesSmile for a brighter future.
Teachers are considered as second parents of their students, and they want to keep the kids happy all the time. Colgate has a program that offers a multimedia kit for teachers. It includes a video, posters, storybooks, and a curriculum that shows young ones the value of oral care. Free toothbrush and toothpaste for kids are also given away.




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