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e. Coli Contaminating Bottled Water! Are You In Danger?

WAIT! Don’t crack open that cold bottled water. First, take a good look at the label. Niagara Bottling company issued a voluntary recall of several of its bottled water brands due to possible E. coli contamination, according to the company’s official statement.

A warning issued by the Pennsylvania departments of Agriculture, Environmental Protection, and Health, states that spring water bottled between June 10 and June 18 at Niagra’s Hamburg, PA and Allentown, PA facilities should not be consumed.

In an official statement on their website Niagara writes:

Niagara was notified that the source was potentially compromised. There have been no reports of any illness or injury related to the above mentioned products to date and finished product testing detected no contaminants or issues of any kind. This voluntary withdrawal is being implemented in cooperation with State and Federal Agencies.

Brands bottled by the plant are as follows:

Big Y
Best Yet
Nature’s Place
Morning Fresh
Western Beef Blue



According to the company, products with codes that begin with the letter F (for Hamburg) or A (for Allentown) have been potentially contaminated.

Since the discovery, Niagra has not utilized the contaminated water source. No illnesses have been reported.

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