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DIY: Marbled Mugs

528eWe’ve all seen the really awesome water marbling nail tutorials. They add a fun spin to a regular manicure, and they are really mesmerizing to watch. Seriously, I’ve watched this .gif so many times. It still amazed me.

So why can’t we do that to other things in our home? The truth is, we can! And it’s super easy.

I’ve been all over the internet, and I prefer the following method over any others! It’s neat, clean, and works well.

The one drawback to water marbling dinnerware is that the mugs, plates, or cups can no longer be washed in a dishwasher or used in a microwave. It didn’t matter for me – I use them as decoration anyway! They add a fun pop of color to any room. (Mine are on a bookshelf!)

So first things first! Here is what you’ll need:

528fA plastic bin full of warm water.
Nail polish (preferably NOT quick-dry).
A wooden stick.
A plain white coffee mug.

That’s it! If you’re doing more than one mug, choose nail polish colors that match not only each other, but the room they’ll be used in. If they are gifts, just make sure they compliment each other.


Pour a bit of nail polish onto the surface of the water. If you pour the polish out from too high, the polish will just sink to the bottom of the bin. Spread the polish out with the wooden stick. If you’re using two polishes, swirl them together for a more dramatic effect.




Dip your cup (or plate, bowl, etc) into the polish mixture. Pay attention to where the polish is sticking.

You’ll want to keep polish away from the areas you will be drinking from if you are planning to use these for drinks or food.





Just look at how amazing this turned out!

After it’s dried, you can add more marbled colors on top if you wish. Just remember that you can’t put this in the microwave or the dishwasher once they have polish on them.

These are so unique! They make fun housewarming gifts, too. Although they are mostly decorative, you can still use them for special occasions.

The first time that I made a set for myself, I used them too often and the polish began to chip after too many washings. You can try to seal the polish with a layer of clear polish, but that is up to you. Make a matching set and give them to your friends! There’s no end to the different color combinations, and the unique patterns will be loved by everyone! Try this DIY out for yourself! Check out the full tutorial and instructions over here!

Images from here, here, here, here, and here.


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