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Delicious Root Beer Float Cupcakes

When is the last time you had a root beer float? I can give you the exact day (and roughly time) that I last had one. It was the 4th of July in 2002. The family had just finished their 4th of July reunion and it had been the longest day I can remember. A couple of the cousins decided to explore the small town where our grandparents had grown up, and we ended up in a small mom and pop diner. The special item on their menu? Root Beer Ice Cream Floats Рmade with home made ice cream! The taste was out of this world, and I have not dared to try another since. I felt that if I tried anything else, I might never find a taste comparable to that root beer float.


Well, these cupcakes come incredibly close to that glorious root beer float all those years ago! The root beer flavored frosting and equally delectable filling brought me right back to that day! The cakes themselves were moist and so good that I couldn’t stop myself from eating two! Dinner was ruined that night, but each bite was oh-so-worth it!

The only thing I didn’t have was the cute paper straws that topped these cupcakes…but I did have the maraschino cherries!


See the full recipe along with instructions here, and get ready for the best root beer float cupcakes you’ve ever had in your life! Good enough to rival a real life actual root beer float! These are perfect for parties, picnics – maybe save putting on the cherries for after the cupcakes arrive at their destination! Otherwise, the cherries will end up all over the container!


Images from here, here.


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