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9 Things Only Hardcore Ranch Dressing Lovers Know

Whether you like it or not, you have to face the fact that Americans love their ranch dressings. It’s the best way kids can eat vegetables and a reason for adults to indulge in more food. Now don’t be surprised when you see pizza crusts, fries, and corn dipped in all the goodness; hardcore lovers know how to justify it.

ranch french fries1. The usual condiments have a better replacement.
You already know the usual condiments–ketchup, mayo, and mustard. It’s time to up your game and say hello to fries and ranch dressing.





2. A Mexican party starts with the letter r.
There’s nothing outrageous about a taco-ranch dressing recipe. The black beans, chicken, cilantro, green peppers, onions and tomatoes have nothing to do with that. It’s just a recipe for a festive dinner with margaritas, that’s all.

ranch spaghetti3. Ranch takes Italian pasta on a different level.
A creamy ranch dressing is a perfect toss partner of spaghetti. Add bacon bits, olives, and green onions to make this a sure hit.





4. Those simple potatoes can now be tasteful and delicious.
Finally, there’s a way to add taste to those potatoes. Add cheese, garlic, bacon, and your favorite ranch dressing.

ranch carrots5. Kids can enjoy carrots for snacks.
Some kids dislike the taste of raw vegetables, so try them on ranch dressing. Dip carrots with ranch seasoning and you’ll immediately notice the difference. You can even pair them with grape tomatoes and broccoli.




6. There’s a twist to the classic mac ’n cheese.
If you think you’ve had the best mac ’n cheese, then you’d better think again. Add ranch dressing to make a delicious twist. Who’s up for melted cheese, chicken, and bacon on a week night?



7. Count to ten with tasty chicken fingers.
Kids will surely love chicken fingers with a ranch dressing mix. Who wouldn’t? Coat them easily with cornflakes, add parmesan cheese, and now everyone can enjoy a great tasting treat.

8. Another Mexican specialty on ranch.
Whatever you want to mix in your quesadillas, it will always taste wonderful as long as you have ranch in it. Combine chicken, bacon, and beans for a taste you’d be wanting more.

ranch salad9. Now you know why salad is everyone’s favorite.
It’s a family favorite that never fails. Prepare a basic dressing or go all out with herbs and spices. The delicious leafy taste is something that everyone can’t say no to.




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