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9 Flat Stomach Foods That Don’t Lack In Flavor

There’s no reason to go for eccentric diet fads when all you want to have is a flat stomach. What you need are basic foods that are easily found in the grocery store. It’s time to tweak your meals with these flavorful choices.

apple cut1. Apples
The fiber in apples will make you feel full without actually gaining pounds. On top of that, it’s largely made up of water, which you can easily loose through exercise. Try crunchy apples for a couple of months to reduce your cholesterol levels.




berries22. Berries
Take at least a half cup of berries a day and you’re on the right track to protect yourself from diseases like cancer and high-blood pressure. Berries are also high in antioxidants that help keep your stomach tight. Vary your choices from blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries.




almonds3. Almonds
When you want energy throughout the day without putting on weight, you have to go with almonds. They’re a good source of Vitamin E, magnesium, and antioxidants. On top of that, these tasty nuts can block calories. Have some on your desk at at work for a daily powerful snack.




eggs boiled4. Eggs
The reason why eggs are a favorite in the morning is because they contain protein that contributes to a healthy breakfast. It also creates a feeling of satiety, which will make you feel full throughout the day.




salmon5. Salmon
Tasty fish like salmon and tuna are high in omega-3 acids that help burn fat and increase metabolism. They slow down digestion and limit cravings, which are helpful when you’re building your abs. Although salmon maybe pricy, two servings a week is enough for your diet.








quinoa raisins6. Quinoa
If there’s a delicious and nutritious alternative for rice or potato, it has to be quinoa. The nutty-flavored whole grain meal provides a good dose of fiber and protein. Try it with cereals, almonds, or raisins.




soy milk7. Soy
The versatility of soy makes it a good choice for those on a diet. Add it in your soup, chomp on roasted spy beans, or drink it after a workout. This contains way less fat than your usual milk.




yogurt blueberries8. Yogurt
When people talk about food that can shape the tummy well, yogurt is always mentioned in the conversation. Why? The answer lies in the probiotic bacteria that helps clean the digestive system. No constipation, no bloated feeling, and a flat tummy are just some of the results after you have yogurt.




soup chicken9. Soup
There’s nothing boring about soup if your recipe is packed with chicken, vegetables and tomatoes. Take it twice a day and you’re sure to lose weight. Keep the sodium level down and add more veggies. It’s the best way to add them into your diet.




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