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8 Things You Can Do With Dryer Sheets (You Won’t Believe #7)

Stop throwing dryer sheets in the garbage bin! Those lowly items you usually ignore still have tons of wonderful uses. To repurpose them as cleaners and fresheners are some of the best hacks you can do. Check out more ideas below:

1.    Tidy Up Messes and Spills

Sometimes, baking in the kitchen can end up in a powdery mess. Cake flour is spilled on the tabletop while sugar is scattered all over the place. Wipe them all with dryer sheets. It attracts particles quickly, which makes cleaning a breeze.

2.    Repel Dust from the TV

As you know, one of the benefits of dryer sheets is their anti-static ability on clothes. Now try wiping your TV screen and notice dust and particles disappear.

3.    Reduce Shoe Odor

If you don’t have the time to buy shoe fresheners, try dryer sheets as an alternative. Stuffing them in your pairs will help reduce the foul smell.

4.    Polish Chrome

Restore the shine of your car’s chrome trimmings with the help of dryer sheets. It does a wonderful polishing job for faucets as well.

5.    Mop Away With Swiffers

Cut the cost of buying an expensive replacement mop sheet for your Swiffer; reuse old dryer sheets instead. Though the dryer sheets may look thinner, simply fold more layers to make it more effective. This will do the same job of picking up dirt and dust on the floor.

6.    Build a Fire Starter

Want to know an easy way to build fire for your fireplace or a camp fire? Take used dryer sheets and combine them with dryer lint. If you add toilet paper and fold them altogether, you now have a solid fire starter.

7.    Clean Pots and Pans

Stop scrubbing the food residue on your cookware. Hot water and a dryer sheet can do the chore for you. Leave it overnight and you’ll notice the food particles will soften. Now you can rinse easier.

8.    Pet Hair Solution

Solve the problem of pet hair that’s scattered all around the house with a used dryer sheet. Simply wipe it across your furniture and it will pick up the hair from the surface.

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