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8 Summer Cupcakes That You HAVE To Try!

The end of the school year is coming up fast! You know what that means? Summer! Complete with birthday parties, BBQs, camping, swimming, and general celebrations! Consider spicing up your cupcake game this season with some cute new ideas with Summertime themes! Keep them in a shallow container, or pick up a specialty cupcake holder from your local craft store. You’ll be able to take your cute, fancy cupcakes to all of the parties and cookouts this Summer! They’ll be a hit with the kids and adults alike!



These are perfect for a birthday party or picnic! Butterfly cupcakes made out of pretzels, icing, M&Ms, and strips of black licorice! You can use plain store bought cupcakes and add on to them, or you can bake your own cupcakes and make them completely from scratch! The green icing is a nice touch, but you can use any colors for this project! If it’s a birthday party with a theme, be sure to match the little M&Ms, too!

Get the full instructions here!






2These adorable watermelon themed cupcakes are packed with Summer flavors! Vanilla-lime cake, watermelon icing, and chocolate chip seeds! I might put the seeds inside of the cupcakes for more chocolatey goodness, but I have a huge sweet tooth!

These are perfect for a picnic or pool party. The fresh flavors and bold colors are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Consider adding a side of fresh fruits like pineapple or c antelope for this spread!

View the complete recipe here!






Check out these happy graham cracker bears floating in lifesaver life rings and lounging on fruit roll-up floaties! Decorated with many snacks, these beach side bears will be a hit with the kids!

Multicolored gold fish for an ocean setting, and brown sugar for sand, your cupcake set up will look like these bears are really on the beach!

As with all of these cupcakes, you could always buy premade vanilla cupcakes and decorate on top of them, but for a more detailed look at these floting teddies, check out how to make them here!






Using mini Oreos and a lot of creativity, you can make these springtime cupcakes yourself! For birthday parties, a picnic, or a BBQ, everyone will want to take a bite out of your sunflower creations!

Depending on the theme of the party, you could change the colored icing underneath the sunflower to match anything! While I might stick with a plain vanilla cupcake, the possibilities are endless!

Make sunflower cupcakes of your own with the recipe from here!






These 4th of July cupcakes are made with Cherry cupcakes and vanilla frosting! The fireworks are made with cherry Twizzlers dipped in frosting and blue sprinkles.

Look at the attention to detail! Even the icing is piped out to look like stars! The red, white, and blue cupcake papers really solidify this recipe as a patriotic tribute to the USA, and they would be adorable dotting across the sweets table at your next 4th of July BBQ!

Don’t forget that you can dip the Twizzlers into any colored sprinkles to make a lot of different “fireworks” colors!

Follow the instructions from here and get ready for the holidays in style!





Start off with vanilla cupcakes! (They can be any flavor – I just prefer vanilla!) Over white frosting, add dots of blue decorating gel and swirl them together with a toothpick to form a swirling ocean water effect.

Take 8 sour gummy worms and press them over the frosting in a circular pattern.

Use the vanilla frosting to pipe a large amount at the center of the gummy worms and press on a large gumdrop.

Use more vanilla frosting to pipe on two dots for the eyes.

Use chocolate frosting to pipe on the pupils and the mouth.

Add white sprinkles to resemble bubbles in the ocean, and enjoy your super cute octopus cupcakes!



7Start with a base of plain blue frosting over any flavored cupcake.

Add a pretzel stick and a single goldfish.

Connect them with a line of piped vanilla frosting!

Congratulations! You have super cute, and super simple themed cupcakes for a birthday party, or a party near a lake!






These daisy cupcakes are my favorite! If you can’t find edible sugar daisy buttons at your local baking supplies store, you can always make them out of vanilla frosting!

To design these, just start off with a plan vanilla cupcake. Pour green frosting into a piping bag and snip off a large hole. Slowly pipe the “grass” until you’ve covered the entire surface of the cupcake.

Add your daisies in the center! You can add as many or as few as you would like!

Perfect for a garden party or BBQ, these dainty cupcakes will put a smile on anyone’s face!




Be sure to try at least one of these ideas out this Summer! They are cute, fun, and easy to do! The kids will love helping you make (and eat!) them. Memories are what last over the years. Share some fun with the kids this Summer and remember to take lots of pictures!!


Images from here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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