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8 Signs of an Awesome Dad

Try to describe your dad in one word and you’ll be surprised there’s so much more you can say. He does a lot of things in his own fashion that influences you in so many ways. Here’s our list of the amazing things your dad has done for you and your family.

dad laughing1. He cracks a lot of jokes.
The serious look your dad projects is just his resting face. He’s a true joker that can crack you up and he also knows how to laugh his heart out.





toolbox old

2. He fixes stuff around the house.
Call him the handyman of the house because he’ll be in a hurry to fix the blinking lights in your room or the broken faucet in the kitchen. All he needs is his toolbox and he’s ready to go.




3. He adapts to change pretty well.
One thing you should know about your dad is he knows how to adapt to change. Tablets and social media accounts weren’t there yet during his time, but look at him now and he does more likes and posts than you.




4. He understands the value of learning.
A good dad understands the value of learning and knows that mistakes happen along the way. He won’t impose on something that will pressure you to become better. Rather, he will support you every step of the way.

5. He treats your mom as the queen of the house.
Even though he’s the head of the household, your dad never fails to show eternal love for your mom. His priorities as the provider include giving quality time for the queen of the house.

dad superhero6. He knows who to keep the family safe.
We have no power to predict what happens when we step out of the house. That’s why fathers guide their children on what to do while on the streets to stay safe. They also keep a close eye on what’s happening around.




7. He has a right way to discipline.
Children are bound to be stubborn and careless, but it’s part of the growing up process. Instead of giving them severe punishment, a good dad knows what’s the right way to discipline actions in certain situations.

dad kids swim8. He shares his time with the family.
In spite of his busy schedule, it’s important for dads to spend time with their family. This is how children feel they’re an important part of the unit and it’s up to the parents to make them feel this way.




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