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8 Salt Life Hacks You Need To Know

Salt is one of those everyday household items that we don’t think twice about. We all use it to season our food, but I would never have thought to take it out of the kitchen! Salt is actually quite useful for a number of things that I never would have thought of! Aside from removing a wine stain, I hadn’t been told to use it for anything else. So what can we do with a box of salt? Quite a lot, actually.

6.9a1.) Remove a red wine stain from a shirt.

You may already have heard of this hack, but I’m going to include it anyway. Immediately after spilling red wine on a shirt, pour salt over the entire stain until you can’t see it any longer. Let it dry for a bit and then vacuum or brush the salt away. Most of the red wine in the fabric should have come up with the salt. You can try further methods if you need to, but this has always worked for me.


2. Clean off your iron.

Glue, plastic, and tape can all get onto the surface of your iron if you aren’t careful. The moment that the extreme heat of the metal touches anything that can melt, you’ve got a problem on your hands. You can’t scrape the goo off because that might scratch the surface of the iron’s plate, but you can’t leave it on there to burn and smear onto other surfaces either. It’s time to grab the salt! Over a sheet of waxed paper, pour a large amount of salt onto the surface. Turn your iron onto a high setting and then rub the iron over the salt. This should only take about a minute. The abrasiveness of the salt will remove the goo without damaging the coating on your iron! The salt will absorb and allow the substance to accumulate. After your iron is cleaned, just throw away the used salt and the waxed paper.

3. Clean up a broken egg.

Oops! You dropped an egg onto the floor! Gross. The sticky egg mess is the worst to try and pick up because it just keeps sliding around. Instead of wasting paper towels, pour salt onto the egg until it is completely covered. The salt will help the egg to coagulate and all you’ll need to do is sweep up the salt or slide it all off of the counter. It’s that easy.

4. Put out a grease fire.

Yikes! There’s a fire in your kitchen! Whatever you do, don’t pour water on it! My mom taught me to throw a dishtowel on it or cover the pan with a lid, but salt does the trick, too! While that fire is raging, grab your trusty box of salt and pour it over the fire! The salt will create a barrier and cut off the oxygen to the fire. It’ll be out in no time, and the salt will absorb the grease making the pan easier to clean out.




5. Clean burnt, stuck food.

That pan used to make fries earlier is now full of hardened grease, and crusty bits of food are stuck to the sides. I hate cleaning this type of mess because I can’t just wash the oil into the sink! I have to scrape at it with a napkin and toss the hard oils into the trash. The residue destroys my sponge, too. Easily fix this with a box of salt! Just cover the surface of the pan with a layer of salt and add a small amount of water. The mixture will lift the grease and food particles in about ten minutes. Then, just wipe out the gunk with a paper towel into the trash can and wash with a sponge as normal.

6.9b6. Clean a greasy sponge.

That pan you just cleaned gave your sponge a small layer of greasy residue. It’s annoying, but it’s easily treatable! I hate it when my sponge becomes greasy – I used to just throw them away and grab a new one. Now, I can clean it easily! In a small bowl, pour about 1/4 cup of salt and dissolve it into a cup or two of water. Submerge your sponge in the mixture and let it sit overnight. The salt will dissolve the grease in your sponge just like it did in your pan! It comes out looking like new! It’s pretty great.

7. DIY bathtub scrub.

Using equal parts salt and turpentine, create a paste to use as a scrub for those stains and scum that won’t lift with any other cleaners. It has a very strong smell so be sure to open a window and wear gloves. This mixture will get rid of even the toughest stains. Your tub will be looking like new in no time. The abrasiveness of the salt works to really lift those stains while the turpentine uses chemicals to really give your mixture some power.

8. DIY drain cleaner.

Have a stopped up drain but don’t have any drain cleaner? Mix 1/4 cup of baking soda with 1/4 cup of salt. Pour the mixture into the offending drain and add 1/2 cup of vinegar. Let the reaction happen and let everything sit 15 minutes. While the mixture is sitting, bring a few cups of water to a boil. Pour the boiling water into the drain to clean it out. The drain should be cleared and good as new! This home made drain cleaner works very well. Just be sure to really rinse it out or your bathroom will smell like vinegar for a day or two.

Who knew that salt could end up being such a versatile ingredient? I have several boxes sitting in my cupboard. It’s nice to know that I will be able to put them to good use!

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