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8 Necessary Lies You Have to Tell Your Kids in the Summer

Kids go crazy during summer. They harness all the warm energy and soak in the endless outdoor fun. But since they are prone to injuries and illness brought by the weather, parents will do anything to keep them safe — even tell a bunch of lies.

ice cream truck“What ice cream truck?” One of the most epic lies you tell involves the ice cream truck. Children know the sound from the truck even from a mile, but it seems as though you don’t hear anything. Just pray it won’t stop near your house.




pool closed“The pool is closed today.” Although swimming is a good physical activity for kids, there’s too much risk involved when the sun is too hot outside. Also, you’re afraid of the water illnesses the child might get from jumping in the water.




“It’s illegal to eat hotdogs every day.” Tell your kid to blame the mayor for making this rule. But really, it’s unhealthy for children to have hotdogs every day. Change it up with healthy snacks like carrot sticks and fruit juices.

frame fancy“That drawing is a masterpiece.” Now that the children have agreed to stay indoors, bring out their artistic side through drawing. Whatever the result is, just say it’s a masterful work. Don’t forget to mention that they’re doing a great job. It’s an effective way to keep them indoors.




“The dog ate all the candies.” During the hot days, kids search for a quick sugar fix, and when they don’t see one, they will scream for it. Wait, what’s that? The dog ate all of the candies? Bad dog.



“The park is closed today.” This is another one of those epic lies you say when you don’t want to leave the house. Other places that are “closed” include the toy store, candy store, and even Disney World.

“We’re just wrestling…in bed.” What quick lie can you think of after your kid sneaks to your room and sees you on top position? Sure, it’s warm, but please, don’t forget to lock the door.

tv no“If you don’t listen, I’ll throw away the TV.” When your children don’t want to listen, you’ve got to draw the line somewhere. It’s “goodbye TV” for the entire summer, unless you’re really that serious.





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