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8 Dishes You Should NEVER Put In The Dishwasher

Dishwashers have made the world a better place. It has saved humanity from the pile of dirty dishes that need to be cleaned only to be used again in a few hours time. Unfortunately, it created a crucial issue. The machine has made people very lazy.

A lot of people are guilty of putting items in the dishwasher that are supposed to be washed by hand. Before you destroy that prized possession, read this list of things that have no place inside the dishwasher.

crystal glassware1. Crystal glassware. The last place they should be is inside the dishwasher. These fragile items are sensitive to heat. Aside from that, they will also lose their shine due to the detergent typically used.








kitchen-knives j2. Kitchen knives. If you think knives are strong kitchen tools that will have no issue inside the dishwasher, think again. The machine’s cycle will dull the blades, and the items along with them will scratch and chip their surfaces.








3. Cast iron. A cast iron has been well-seasoned to serve its purpose. Throw it in the dishwasher and watch the perfect coating get ruined. When the coating is all gone, it becomes prone to rust.



4. Golden flatware. What’s special about these utensils is their color. Keep them away from the dishwasher to prevent from fading. This also holds true to plates with gold trims.

5. Non-stick pans. Based from experience, the non-stick surfaces of Teflon pans rub off after a few sessions in the dishwasher.

wooden-spoons6. Wooden spoons. Before you put them inside, you must check the label. The material tends to bend and break easily from high temperatures.






7. Aluminum trays. Cleaning them is actually not the issue. It’s what they do to plates, cups, and other things inside. They leave damage and marks as they hit the cycle.

8. Cans and bottles. For extra precaution, don’t ever think of placing cans and bottles inside the dishwasher. The labels wrapped around them will only clog the pump and arms and have an effect on the machine’s performance.


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