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8 Creative Ways To Tidy Up Messy Spaces

declutter project

The messy spaces in your home can only lead to more clutter, and there’s no one to tidy them up but you. Before things get frustrating, follow our creative tips on how to get you started.

1. Take five before you begin. It’s difficult to jump on this task right off the bat, especially when you’re about to dig through clutter. Give yourself time to take a look around and check the messy areas. Before you begin, take a couple of deep breaths.

2. Remove away one item every day. For some people, letting go of their stuff is way too difficult to handle in one sitting. What’s an easier way to go about it? Take one item each day. This means you have 365 things to donate or discard for 365 days.

3. Use a trash bag. Turn the trash bag into a simple challenge and see how you can quickly fill it up. Make sure that the items you put inside are the same, so you don’t have to segregate them for donations. This advise works for homeowners who find decluttering easy to handle.

4. Map out the areas. For this suggestion, you’ll have to walk around the house and check the areas where decluttering is easiest and hardest. List down the items you want to get rid off per area and write on your calendar when you want to start with the task. It will be easier for you to focus rather than mess up your schedule.




5. Aim for 12-12-12. Make your decluttering chore fun and exciting with the 12-12-12 challenge. What you need to do is find 12 items to throw away, another 12 to donate, and a third set of dozen items to return to their proper place. For an entire day of this enjoyable routine, you’ve already organized 36 items inside your house.

6. Find a new perspective.
The same old look and feel of your home is probably the reason why you can’t declutter easily. A new perspective can help you change that. Take a few snaps of your house and let people you know check it out. They will surely find something to say about how you arrange things, and give you a tip or two on what to keep or throw away.

7. Play with numbers. This experiment will help you appreciate the value of having a certain amount of items. For example, try having only 15 articles of clothing for a month. If it’s not possible, then go ahead and change the rules a bit.

8. Add some imagination.
Remove clutter that you see by making your imagination work. Ask yourself what the real value of certain items are to you, and decide either if they’ll stay or go. Also, you can think of the prices of items if they’re still worth keeping or not.

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