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7 Ways To Make Drinking Water Fun Again

Drinking water is something that more of us neglect than we’d like to admit. Drinking a good amount of water daily helps your body stay hydrated, improves your complexion, improves your organ function, and is just about the best thing that you can do for your body every day! It doesn’t have a bold flavor like a bottle of fruit juice or that fresh taste of a cold soda, but there are tons of ways to make your water more enjoyable! Most of them involve the use of fruit, so it’s even better for you because you’re adding in your daily fruit intake as well!

Make it BUBBLY!

It’s the freshness of a soda but without all the calories and sugars! If you aren’t a fan of sparkling water, add a twist of lime, lemon, or fruit juice! Try pomegranate or cranberry juice with a few squirts of lemon juice for a tangy and fun drink that’s much better for you than a soda or sugary drink.

6.12gMake it TEA!

Herbal teas are great remedies for almost any ailment – and the best part is they’re made with water! You can get your daily water intake with tea instead of just plain water, if you prefer it. Green tea is always a great choice because of its numerous health benefits and works similarly to caffeine. For a calming tea, try chamomile! You can always add honey instead of sugar if you prefer your tea a little bit sweeter.

Make it SOUP!

Feeling a bit chilly? Turn that water into a broth with vegetables, chicken, chick peas, or onions! Get your vitamins from the vegetables, your flavor from the onions, and your protein from the chicken all while increasing your water intake.

Make it HERBAL!

While technically tea, this method just adds a bit of fun to your water. Add powdered ginger, mint leaves, lemongrass, lavender, or rose hips to give your water a bit of jazz! I prefer this to tea since it’s refreshing on a cool day and you can add ice and sparkling water to make it even more exciting!

Make it FRUITY!

Infusing water is not a new concept – we’ve just found some really awesome combinations that quench your thirst and are actually really good for your body! Find out what’s in season and use it! It’ll have more nutritional value. Cucumber and lime make your water extremely fresh with a hint of tang. Raspberry and lime take your tangy water to the next level – I love this after a run! Watermelon with rosemary has a very delicate and light taste. Blackberry and sage give a very heavy flavor to your water. This is perfect before a night out! Pineapple and mint are fresh and sweet in case you’re in the mood for something softer! Combine ginger, cucumber, lemon, and spearmint for a belly-trimming fruit cocktail. Try out new combinations for yourself!

6.12hMake it CUBES! Fruity cubes.

Freeze some fruits into ice cubes! Grapes, cherries, orange slices, or strawberries are all fun additions to your water especially if you’re outside on a hot day. The fruit will stay chilled until the end of your drink and you can eat them cold! I absolutely love this idea.





Before each meal, I chug a glass of water. This helps me to cut down on the amount that I eat so that I don’t over-indulge, and it helps me to reach my daily water goals. Most people don’t enjoy this, so you can eat a bowl of fruit instead. They contain water as well and may be more enjoyable than drinking 8 ounces of plain water.

Everyone should aim to drink more water throughout the day – especially during the warmer months! See which of these options sounds right for you and add them into your daily routine! Your body will thank you!

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