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7 Upcycled Planters Turn Trash into Treasure

Before throwing away unusable household items straight to the bin, find a way to “upcycle” them. Those┬ápaint buckets and old toys are just some of the things you can turn into attractive planters. Give your creativity a boost and check out our list of trash that can turn into treasure.

tire panters 1tire planters 21. Old tires still have mileage.
When you see old tires in the garage, all you can think about is getting rid of them. Bring them back to life by spraying colorful paint and turning them into a pile of cheerful planters in the backyard.



rainbt planter kidsrainbt planter hang2. Outgrown rain boots are still cute.
Don’t discard the rain boots your kids outgrew because you can still fill them with rich soil and pretty flowers. The children will be surprised to see that their cute little boots are still put to good use.





3. A drawer that adds design.
If you plan to give your room a makeover, chances are you’ll be replacing old drawers. Stack them up and turn them into a makeshift table. Then, paint the surface with eye-catching pastel colors and place your flowers on top and below.


4. Toys can still be fun.
Kids can get easily tired of their toys when they see new ones. Instead of throwing them all away, choose those items that can still be used as indoor planters. This idea can give your table tops a playful and unique look.

5. Vintage jars make a stylish design.
A collection of vintage jars is a great display only if you have ample space at home. Otherwise, they’ll only gather dust and dirt. Make them more useful as planters that you can set near the kitchen window.

6. Give paint cans a makeover.
Used paint cans are usually put on the corner of the garage and stored with no purpose. Before they turn to rust, give them a makeover as pretty little planters. Add a paint drip effect outside and place your flowers or herbs on top.

shoe org plant7. A shoe organizer turned vegetable pockets.
Keep your herbs and vegetables away from animals by planting them on a shoe organizer. Mount it to a fence and watch them grow green and healthy.




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