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7 Unhealthy (But Delicious) Foods You Can Give A Healthy Makeover To

Whether you admit it or not, you chomp on sweets and chips as soon as a craving hits. Yes, these snacks are very delicious, but they lack in nutritional value and only pack calories and saturated fat in your body. Before you give in, check our list of junk food makeovers that can answer the call of your guilty pleasures.

1. Trade caramel tarts for banana and coconut
The slices of banana and sprinkles of coconut make a delicious tart dessert that you want to have after a hefty meal. Make a crust from cashew topped with cream to create a tasty base.

tofu lemon2. Change vanilla ice cream to lemon with berries
Make a flavorful alternative to ice cream with silken tofu and fresh lemon juice. This smooth number with zero saturated fat bursts with a sparkly taste. Add your choice berries to make it healthier.




3. Choose sweet potatoes
Load up on energy with carbs from potatoes, but instead of the white ones, choose sweet potatoes. Drizzle some sour cream on top and sprinkle some bacon bits for a delicious finish.

kale chips4. Ditch the nachos for kale chips
A bag of cheesy nacho chips will only leave you wanting more and more. Ditch them and take kale chips instead. This alternative will make you stay clear from all the fat and salt. Put them in the oven for a few minutes to give the fresh taste.




granola bars5. Grab granola bars rather than chocolate
Whoever said granola bars are boring is clearly missing out. This healthy dessert can satisfy your craving minus the fat. Ingredients like oats and almonds can be mixed with chocolates to answer the craving for sweets.




6. Make bran muffins over anything
Sometimes when you eat too much junk food, you miss out on the dietary fiber your body needs. Take bran muffins made with pineapple and you’re sure to get things going the right way. This dessert can even stay in the freezer for months.




7. Skip the fruit pastries and go with what’s fresh
The fruit pastries you bought from the store may seem like a healthy selection, but they can contain preservatives and fats that you want to avoid. Stay clear of them altogether and make your own pies instead. Use fresh fruits like banana and kiwi or peach and mango.

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