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7 Unbelievable Movies Based on True Stories

Sometimes, the most captivating movies are stories that come from real life. Our list of incredible films will leave you in awe and amazement of how the events actually took place.

pacific crest trailWild
Let’s say you’re in a constant battle against heroin addiction, and then painful news arrives that your mother passed away and your marriage has ended; how will you handle these overwhelming stresses? In the film “Wild”, the real life character named Cheryl Strayed hiked 1,100 miles across the Pacific Crest Trail to find her true self amid a long journey.



Captain Philips
A fearful encounter with Somali pirates that hostaged a container ship is told in the gripping story of “Captain Philips”. Richard Philips and his crew thought it was the end of their sail on the vast ocean when a team of Navy SEALs went on the ship for a dramatic rescue mission.

The Amityville Horror
A paranormal story is a favorite for horror movies, but this one is a scare in real life. “The Amityville Horror” depicts the frightening encounters of George and Kathy Lutz inside their new home in Amityville, New York. Before the couple moved in, it was previously owned by a family of 5 who were brutally murdered in the very same house.



In the movie “Argo”, a well-staged escape plan is set for six US diplomats stuck in a hostage crisis in Tehran, Iran. What’s the catch? A CIA operative named Tony Mendez created a fake movie to reach the hostages and then get all of them as cast and crew members. It’s an unbelievable event that have brought shocking news across the globe.

frame headThe Monuments Men
In “The Monuments Men”, a difficult task is at hand to save artwork and other significant artifacts from the Nazis of World War II. The group formed for the mission includes museum directors, historians, and curators.




Catch Me If You Can
A former conman smooth-talks his way as a pilot, doctor, and a lawyer in “Catch Me If You Can”. Frank Abagnale is a criminal who impressively escaped police custody twice and forged checks to earn money. This style won’t exactly work with today’s security standards, but this cat-and-mouse movie is one that won’t fail to entertain.

ocean storm wavesOpen Water
A scuba diving trip along Australia’s Barrier Reef turns out to be the last stop of the holiday for Tom and Eileen Lonergan. The couple from Louisiana, USA, was stranded in the ocean after a mishap when the diving company accidentally left them. No body was found on the site, and it was believed that they were killed by great white sharks.




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