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7 Things You’re Doing Wrong Cleaning (And 3 Things You May Be Doing Right)

We all have our own styles of cleaning around the house. Some can be very useful while others are not so effective. Here are some household items you’ve probably been cleaning wrong, and a few that you might be doing right.

Blender. Never attempt to clean the blender by sticking your hand inside because you might get a cut. Easily pour a few drops of liquid soap, add water, and give it a spin.

Toothbrush. How do you clean your toothbrush? Do you use the soap you see in the bathroom? That’s a big no-no. Get a clean glass, fill half with white vinegar, and place your toothbrush inside.

blinds dust sockBlinds. Forget about the feather duster to clean the blinds. Dip a clean sock in a bowl of water and white vinegar and start wiping away.




Mattress. It’s not enough to wash the mattress in the washing machine. What you should do is vacuum it, sprinkle baking soda, and let it sit. Afterwards, vacuum the surface again.

Toaster. When you first bought the toaster, it was all clean and shiny. A few years later, it became sticky and icky. Don’t just wipe it with a wet cloth. Make it sparkle once again with cream of tartar, water, and scrub with a light sponge.



Shower curtains. Moldy shower curtains are scarier than the shadow you see on the other side. Spraying them with water just won’t do the trick. Throw the curtains in the washing machine for a quick spin cycle.

Cookie sheets. Don’t wash your cookie sheets like you do on plates and utensils. Create a paste mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and rub it on the surface.

microwaveMicrowave. If you’ve been searching the web for effective natural cleaners, you must know by now that vinegar is very useful. Fill a bowl of this ingredient with water and set it at high for 2 minutes.



Paintings. Have you tried rubbing a bagel over a painting? Try it now and see it can remove the dirt on the surface.

Coffee maker. Use the vinegar and water mixture once again to fill the water chamber of your coffee maker. Let it brew for an hour, empty the coffee pot, and then wash it with water.


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