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7 Things Moms Do Every Day That They Really Wish You Noticed

When’s the last time you’ve kissed and hugged your mom for all the work she has done? All these years she kept the household working efficiently from morning until night. When you see her do these tasks on our list, say a big thank you and she’ll surely appreciate the big gesture.

grocery shop blur1. Shop for groceries.
Moms want the best for their families especially when it comes to food. She knows what to avoid that attract your allergies, the yummy desserts you crave, and even dad’s choice cut of beef. This is how she pays attention to detail.




2. Take control of the kitchen.
It’s no secret: mothers love to feed everyone in the family. She loves to prepare a hearty breakfast and try scrumptious dishes for lunch and dinner. She also knows that her home cooking brings everyone together for a quality family time.

3. Clean the house.
From the living room to kitchen, one of the toughest duties moms face every day is keep the house clean. They want to make all areas of the house as comfortable as possible especially when visitors are coming over.

calendar24. Keep the schedule in check.
If those chores mentioned above aren’t enough, moms constantly see to it that the family’s schedule is in check. From your next dental appointment to the birthday you’ll attend, she knows when the next cable and water bills are due.




5. Find missing items.
Kids leave their clothes and shoes wherever they want and scream for help as soon as they can’t find it. It’s up to super mom to find where these things are and put other items back in place.



6. Wash clothes.
The heaviest of all the tasks is probably washing clothes, and no one seems to care about this until they run out of underwear. Mothers have to separate whites from colored, know what’s the best solution to remove stains, and then fold them properly afterwards.

7. Tidy up the bathroom.
No matter how busy things can get, moms find time to clean the bathroom because they don’t want to see it all smelly and dirty. It’s just a struggle to have boys that can dirty the place in a heartbeat.

mom flowers kiss

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