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7 Questions You Never Thought You’d Have To Ask As A Parent

What parents want for their children is simple: to be healthy and wealthy when they grow up. The road to achieving that goal, however, seems far from easy for young adults. What’s worse, most parents think that their kids are heading the opposite direction, and here’s a list that might prove just that.

1. Why can’t you prepare your own food? Fast foods are only good once in a while, but don’t turn them into a steady diet. It’s time you learn how to prepare your own food and eat something healthier than that cheeseburger.

cell lost sign2. How did your phone get lost once again? We understand that you were clumsy back when you were 10, but you’ve just turned 21, and it’s the fifth time this happened. Learn a lesson and go buy your own phone.





3. Why do you have to drink every evening? There is a drink that matches with food, but dinner time is long gone and you’re still drinking. Is this a sign of your bright future?

4. What kind of fashion sense is that? It’s fine to express your opinion through fashion, but what do you call the thing you’re wearing? I hope you’re going to the mall or the club that just opened.



5. Are you attending church every weekend? As firm believers in God, we expect you to do the same. We’ve raised you with values, so don’t tell us you’re now into a made-up religion or atheism.

mom computer6. Are those really your pictures on Facebook? What were you doing last weekend? The pictures on your Facebook show some friends of yours I haven’t meet before. Cut down on the partying.





7. How will you handle yourself when we retire? Now the last question poses a challenge, and this is the reality check parents ask their children to know if they can really survive and be successful in life.

parents ederly daughter

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