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7 Items To Avoid In The Grocery Store

Local grocery stores are designed as one-stop destinations that offer items all in one place. This sounds truly convenient, but not exactly for your wallet. Turn yourself into a smart shopper and list these items you must avoid.

salad dressing hm made


1. A bottle of salad dressing.
Check the label of the salad dressing to know the amount of calories inside every bottle. When it reaches 120 per serving, your salad is doing more harm than healthy. Make your own vinaigrette instead with fresher ingredients for a healthier choice.



2. Bland birthday cards.
It’s nice to include a birthday card with the cake you bought from the grocery. However it’s just isn’t worth it if it costs $3 or $4 a piece. Why not get a pack of colorful cards worth $10 that’s sold online. A greeting you personally wrote brings more joy than a bland message on the card.

3. Expensive herbs and spices.
The basic spices at the grocery store are getting more expensive, but you don’t really mind with the fancy packaging and expensive brand names. Avoid spending too much and take care of your budget. The same spices are sold at cheaper prices at alternative food stores.




4. A bouquet of flowers.
Unlike the colorful roses and daisies on display at the corner flower shop, those sold in grocery stores are usually less fresh and wilt faster. Aside from that, you’ll notice that they’re pre-arranged with more greens than necessary. If you have no other alternative, choose only a few that aren’t fully open and arrange them when you get home.

5. Party needs.
You’ll find the party supplies like candles, plastic utensils, tablecloths, and balloons are offered at the grocery store very conveniently. The only problem is that they’re offered two times more expensive. Skip the trip and drop by the dollar store.



6. Immediate batteries.
There’s a reason why batteries are located near the cashier, and it’s because you can quickly pick them up and purchase on impulse. What’s the downside? They will cost you more. Get more savings when you buy in bulk at warehouse stores.




waterbottles ss


7. Bottled water.
The convenience and portability of bottled water attracts customers to buy, but the environmental cost is greater. Fill a stainless container instead. This produces no waste and serves the same purpose.



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