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7 Healthy Ways To Eat Like A Kid Again!

Eating like a kid doesn’t mean you have to make funny faces with the food on your plate. It’s a way to show how kids choose their food in a natural way, which adults tend to forget.

1. Eat what you like.
This sounds a bit over the top at first, but it’s actually finding the pleasure in eating as opposed to eating whatever you want. Kids closely examine the food that they like, and adults should re-develop the habit again. It will be easier to create a healthy diet based on the food that you like the most.

2. Eat when hungry.
As a kid, you know it’s time to eat when you hear your stomach grumbling. However, as you turn into an adult and start to become busy with work, you ignore the signs. This can lead to overeating because you want to fill in the gaps. Stop this habit and respond to your body when it wants food.

tummy ache3. Stop when full.
How do kids regulate their caloric intake? Simple—they stop when they’re full. Adults, on the other hand, want to eat more and more especially when it comes to dessert. They don’t mind the discomfort because they are blinded by the food in front of them. Stop at the right time and don’t let food make you feel heavily stuffed.



food color healthy4. Eat colorful foods.
Kids appreciate the color they see on their plates, and that’s the reason why the commercial foods marketed toward them have artificial food coloring. Instead of capturing them with these products, let the natural colors from vegetables and fruits be the source of their vitamins and minerals. The more they have it, the more they like to eat them, and so should adults.



5. Eat what’s simple.
Kids like to see all the food on their plate, and they don’t really like the idea of sauces and dressings that cover them. As an adult, you should be aware of the dressings that only add to the calories on your dishes.

6. Know where food comes from.
Curiosity is very high when it comes to children, and they’ll ask a lot of questions including about food. Like them, you should ask where the fresh items can be bought or drop by the local market.

kids food dad7. Enjoy preparing food.
Kids get excited when they prepare food with their moms in the kitchen. They see how the ingredients are sliced and cooked before it’s brought to the table. Take the advantage of preparing food in your own home, so you can control what goes in your food as well.




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