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7 Easy Nail Art Hacks Anyone Can Do

It’s about time to do your nails again! You want to do something more than just the basic solid color, but branching out and trying something new might have disastrous (and messy) results. I loved the idea of these DIY nail art hacks because they are easy to do and hard to mess up because they are just so simple! The issue I face is that I live in a very hot climate. This means that when I do my nails at home, it is very easy to mess up because the humidity in the air keeps my nails wet. Since these ideas are so easy, I don’t think I’ll have a problem doing them at home! I’m so excited! Check these out!

1. 6.9m Look at this super easy nail art! First, you start out with a base coat. This will give more depth to your manicure. When I do manicures like this, I let my nails dry for an entire day before adding the next coat. Since it is humid where I live, putting that netting over my first coat would destroy them. Wrap a piece of netting or lace around your nail and dab on another color over your base coat. This can be a gradient, or simply a solid color. I love this look because it’s so simple! It brings a fresh new vibe to your manicure and can be worn for any occasion. It’s very versatile as well and depends on what colors you would like to incorporate.



2. 6.9nThis look uses actual pieces of lace for the manicure! After your first coat of polish, snip small pieces of lace and use tweezers to place them on your first coat of polish. Press the pieces down gently and wait a bit for the coat to continue drying. Once the first coat has dried, snip extra pieces of lace that might be hanging off of your nails. Cover everything with a clear coat of polish and add a coat of clear polish underneath the nail as well to help seal the lace. These are perfect for a night out! Depending on the occasion, you can use different colored lace, too! Enjoy your new nails! My personal experience with nails like this is that after a day or two, they will start to snag on everything, so applying a clear coat once a day will help them to last much longer.


6.9o3. This is a wonderful way to add glam to a manicure! Paint a solid top coat and let it dry completely. Once you’re sure it’s not going to smudge, cut strips of scotch tape into small slivers and place them over your nails. Make sure the tape is very secure and pressed down all the way. Paint over the tape then remove the scotch tape while the new paint is still wet. If you wait until it dries, the paint will just peel off with the tape. Once it has dried, cover everything with a top coat! Beautiful and classy, these nails are amazing!




6.9p4. This technique can be used with any color combination if you aren’t feeling this bold. Start with a white base coat and let it dry completely. Using a makeup sponge, put paint on the sponge in stripes, overlapping colors as you go. You will need to reapply the polish after every nail for maximum vibrancy! This method can get a little messy, so cover the skin on your fingers with lotion or Vaseline to keep the polish from sticking to your nail beds. If you get polish all over your skin, dip the end of a Q-Tip into acetone and remove any stray polish. After this step, you can use the tape technique above for an extra pop of drama! I like to imagine this color combination with a little palm tree on each fingernail.




6.9q5. This look is really unique and fun! The first step to this manicure is to paint your nails with a gray base coat to mimic the look of a newspaper. Pour a small amount of acetone into the cap of your polish remover and soak your dried nails in the solution for about 10 seconds. Then, immediately put a piece of newspaper onto your nail and wet it with a few drops more of acetone and slowly peel the paper off. You should have letters that have transferred onto your nails! Use this technique for comics, words, or small pictures! Cover the results in a clear top coat to seal the ink on your fingers. Play around with different methods and see what works for you.




6.9r6. This is one of my favorite methods! If you have eye shadow that you don’t like to wear anymore, crush it up and mix it with clear nail polish! The finished look will have a matte texture and look very unique. If the polish leaves any residue (it shouldn’t), cover the polish with another clear top coat to seal it in. This is a fun way to utilize shadow of which you love the color but don’t necessarily want it on your eyes.





6.9s7. This method is really cool! After applying your base coat, brush on different colors of polish and slowly blend them all together. This model used only two colors, but you could use as many as you wanted! Be sure to use a brush that you won’t need for anything else. After each color, remove any leftover or dried paint with acetone. When applying polish with a makeup brush, be careful and watch for stray hairs that may get stuck in your manicure. If you can’t get the hair out without ruining the job you’ve already done, Take a nail file and file the hair away from the edge of your nail before applying your final topcoat. No one will be able to notice it!



These are really fun and creative ways to do a unique and easy manicure. Remember to have fun! The most important part of a DIY manicure is to love it even more due to the fact that you did it all by yourself. Your nails should represent you: your style, your favorite colors, and your creativity! Take these ideas and run with them! See what cool and crazy ideas you can come up with!

Images from here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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