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7 Desserts For Dad This Father’s Day

Make this Father’s Day memorable by serving desserts that dad will LOVE! Bold, unique, and using ingredients that all guys love, these desserts are sure to be a hit at your father’s day feast! Along with steak, potatoes, and whatever else your dad loves to eat (mine loves pork and casserole) this dessert will make him smile! Combining all the things that dads love, be sure to take pictures of your gorgeous desserts!

Forget about the dainty puffs, airy cakes, and light snacks. Give your dad a dessert that he can be proud of! A strong, bold dessert is just what dad ordered this father’s day!

6.5j1. Ultimate Malted Brownie Sundae

Who doesn’t love sundaes? Add brownie sticks, caramel, crushed malt balls, and malted milk powder to make this dessert really stand out. Serve frozen to beat the heat if you’re throwing a BBQ!

Serve it in a sturdy mug or a wooden bowl. No one has time for dainty ice cream cups! Give dad a big ol’ spoonful of happiness!

6.5k2. Maple Caramel Bacon Crack

This tastes exactly like it sounds. So incredibly delicious! It’s also incredibly easy to make. Do you have bacon? Then you are ready to make this tasty dessert for dad! Using bacon, crescent rolls, maple syrup, and brown sugar, be sure to make a LOT because it will be gone as soon as you set this display on the table!


6.5l3. Father’s Day Shirt Cake

If you aren’t planning on making this father’s day a big event, a simple cake decorated just for dad is a great idea! Use piping bags to outline a tie (bonus points for copying one of dad’s actual ties!) and fill it in with fun colors! This recipe is great because it doesn’t require too much preparation other than the decorations!



6.5m4. Deep Fried Ice Cream

Two words: Deep. Fried.

Yes, please! Choose dad’s favorite ice cream and fry it! Top it with maple syrup or caramel. Dust on a small (or large) amount of powdered sugar to really pull this display together!


6.5n5. Spicy Caramel Bacon Popcorn

Not planning to serve dessert? Pop this awesome bowl of popcorn in dad’s lap when he sits down to watch TV! It’ll be a fun surprise that he’s sure to love! It’s bacon. It’s sugar. It’s cayenne pepper. All of these ingredients sound like they might not go together well…just wait until you throw them onto popcorn! It’s pure genius. I almost want to make it for dessert tonight. Why not? It looks so good.

6.5o6. Fried Cheesecake Roll Ups

This is another no-brainer dessert idea. It’s fried. It’s cheesecake. You can dip it in sauce. It’s a portable burst of happiness.

Make these if you’ve got a larger family. It’s hard to run out because they’re so easy to make!


6.5p7. Root Beer Float Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love root beer? Dad probably loves it. Make a root beer float cupcake if you want to put a really fun spin on a classic favorite! Filled with actual root beer, these authentic and delicious cupcakes are going to be everyone’s new favorite dessert! Be sure to save two on the side for dad! You know he’ll want more.

Find an awesome dessert idea for dad and make him proud by giving him a sweet twist to all of his favorite foods.

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