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7 Awesome Ways To Use Lip Balm (Besides On Your Lips!)

Most of us wouldn’t think twice about the little jar of lip balm that gets lost within a week of buying it. I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I moved the bed or rearranged furniture to find a nice little collection of lip balms all bunched together carelessly in the corner. Nowadays, I make sure that I always have a jar of lip balm in my purse! The balm is gentle enough to be used on almost any part of my body and it has unique properties that make it one of the best things to grab when I’m in a pinch. It’s useful for some of the most surprising things and has helped me out of an awkward situation more than once.

6.19a1. If you run out of Vaseline and can’t run to the store when you’re going to dye your hair, you can use lip balm to protect your skin instead! Take a generous amount and spread it along your hairline to keep stray dye from staining your skin. One time (and one time only) I tried to touch up my roots without using any protection or lotion for my skin and I was at the sink forever trying to scrub off the dye that had seeped into my skin. I had no choice but to cut bangs to hide the mistake because I had a big meeting at work the next day! Keep some lip balm in your bathroom cabinet in case this ever ends up happening to you, too!

2. That moment in the shower when I nick my leg during a shave is enough to make me give up and stay in the bathtub forever! Now I have to get out, try not to get blood on the floor mat and try to dry off one spot to put a bandage on with wet hands – everyone hates this! It turns out that lip balm is amazing for this problem because just a dab of lip balm on the wound will actually stop the bleeding and help the nick heal over faster! It holds long enough for me to dry off and grab a bandage if it’s bad enough. This trick doesn’t work for large cuts, but for the everyday small cuts, it works amazingly!

3. Keep your eyebrows smooth and tame with a small dab of lip balm! After you have applied your base coat or even just throughout the day, lightly dab a bit of lip balm along your brows to keep them from moving out of place. This is gentle enough to be followed by a few pats of brow color or eye shadow if your brows aren’t looking their best. We all need a little help with our brow line sometimes, and not everyone carries their brow gel in their purse 100% of the time. All you need is lip balm for brow emergencies!

6.19b4. Use lip balm to tame flyaways when you have a frizzy emergency! This method works best on tight hair do’s like pony tails, braids, or buns, but it can work for longer styles with a bit on maneuvering. Take a bit of lip balm onto your fingers and work it around in your hands to get it warm and pliable. There are a few ways to do this, but I prefer to lightly “tap” my hair all over until most of the balm has been transferred evenly around my head. Then I will start to smooth it all down, twisting it over my shoulder to keep it as smooth as possible. If you have split ends or your braid is starting to come undone, use this same method to tame those stray locks!



5. Use lip balm to protect your nose during cold and dry months! If you have allergies, you know the pain of a raw and sensitive nose when you have to blow your nose with a harsh tissue frequently. The constant rubbing against the delicate skin of your nose is enough to drive anyone mad! Whether you have a cold, allergies, or the weather is just unseasonably dry, tap a bit of lip balm on the inside and outside of your nose to keep that skin protected from tissues and cold air! The lip balm will help your skin heal faster since it creates a barrier from the tissue. It can also easily be covered up with a light coating of powder if you still need to go to work.

6. Keep your cuticles soft by applying a thick layer of lip balm onto your fingernails before bedtime! If your cuticles tend to crack, peel, or split, try this trick tonight and see the difference it makes in the morning! Your nails will be ready for painting and your fingers will look like they’ve gotten a facelift. This will make it even easier to apply nail polish because it will be easier to take off any stray nail polish!

7. If you don’t have time to get ready for drinks with your friends after work, grab your jar of lip balm and open your eye shadow palette. Dab your finger in the lip balm jar and then into an eye shadow color that you don’t normally use. This will create a creamy paste that will last for quite a while! You won’t need to put on primer or use a brush – just quickly swipe it onto your eye lids to create a pop of color before you’re late! This can work to create a subtle lip color, too!

Save that lip balm and start using it for things besides your lips! It’s a great tool to use in a bind and has helped me out more than once at work! See if these tips and tricks work for you!

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