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6 ways You Can make Money From The Junk Around Your House

Declutter your home and turn those junk items you see into cash. How will you do it? Here are some cool tips:

price tag1. Know how much they cost
Before you make the effort of selling items, you need to know first how much they cost, and you can do that online. There are websites that have a complete listing of how much various items are worth, and so it’s a good place to start.




2. Check the condition
Items in good condition are easier to sell and price better. That’s a rule you should always remember. Anyone who wants to buy an item, especially gadgets, will always look for those that are protected from the usual wear and tear.

3. Remove all the data
Let’s say you want to sell your current tablet. Make sure it’s free from any personal information, pictures, and videos. That’s how you secure yourself from any potential hack. If you’re selling a cellphone, then you should wipe it clean of numbers and other important data.







camera flash

4. Take pictures
A good picture tells potential buyers that your items are worth a look. If you don’t have a good camera, borrow from a friend or ask them to take the picture. Avoid using a camera phone that doesn’t take high-quality shots. Here’s a tip: lightning will make the photos look way better.


5. Know where to sell the items
Now that you have all the materials in check, it’s up to you where to sell your items. Head online and make an account on eBay or use social media groups to tell a specific group the items you have on sale.

6. Avoid scams
A good post of your items will surely grab attention, but don’t get too excited because scammers are everywhere. It’s a fact of life you have to live with. Check for anti-scam strategies that are available online and you’ll feel more confident when showing your goods.

cash trash 3

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