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6 Ways You Can ‘Cheat’ Your Diet Without Actually Cheating!

A cheat meal once a week isn’t a bad idea as long as you can still control the intake. However, if you’re worried it will ruin your diet, try our list of foods where you can enjoy food without actually cheating.

1. Enjoy the slice of pie.
Before you begin to alienate yourself with all the delicious food around you, accept the fact that your desire for food will always be there. So go ahead, enjoy the slice of pie, and don’t let anyone tell you can’t have it.

2. Go the distance.
Think of a cheat meal as something worth while and not just a quick way to satisfy a craving. Choose foods that go the distance like eggs, fruits, lean meats, and seafood. Those that are lean protein and high in fiber can help you stay satiated for long periods without wanting to eat again.

3. Search for the taste.
What most people like about chips is the salty flavor, not the junk food itself. Since this is the craving you want to fill, find a way to capture the taste. Add sea or kosher salt to a ripe tomato and take a bite. Now you can have less of the junk food and more of the natural alternative.

4. Feel the satisfaction.
If your picture of a “cheat meal” is pigging out, then you’re sadly mistaken. Make the experience tasteful and satisfying by taking small bites and eating them slowly. This will let you enjoy what’s on the plate and prevent you from craving more and more.

5. Write a plan.
Which dessert do you like more, pecan torte or blueberry cheesecake? Write down a plan of your favorite cheat meals for a month and stick with it. This way, you can count the calories while still enjoying your favorite sweets. The strategy will also keep your urge at bay to stack unwanted food in the fridge.

6. Create your own.
We have little idea on what goes in cakes, pies, and pizzas we buy from the store. The description on the labels can help, but there’s a better way to lighten the potential calories altogether. Create your own food with the ingredients you hand picked. This way, you are completely aware of how much you have on the plate.

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