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6 Ways To Banish Clutter In Your Home

The value we place on sentimental possessions makes us want to cherish them for a long time. So long, in fact, that they already become clutter inside the house. As one organizing expert says, the first step to banish clutter is working with the emotional aspects. Here’s how to let go of them in a few effective steps.

storage boxes Heavyweight-Cotton-Canvas_200A35971. Put them in a box
Since the clutter around the house takes up space, the best thing to do is store them in a box. This idea is better than letting them sit on a corner and catch dust and dirt. Sort them out and label the boxes according to their function or kind.






2. Ask someone for help
The task up ahead is a bit unbearable because it’s your stuff that’s being taken out. Call for a hand if you truly need it, but make sure that person can give out helpful tips with what to do on your items. The thought of having someone in the room is enough to keep you focused.

3. Do it slow and steadily
Unless you’re ready for an emotional ride in an entire day, work with the items in a series of short periods. This way, you have time to step back, breathe, and see your progress. The mind can also rest and recharge when you’re up to making another decision.



4. Take a photo
Photos are the best representation of memories, and they’re very easy to take. Shoot snaps of the items you are about to store and save it on your computer. The memory is preserved and you can even add a little touch to them. If you feel you’re not well-versed in taking photos, you can call a friend for help.

letters-love-letters-mail5. Keep what’s truly important
Is there a very important letter from your mother that you just can’t discard? What you can do is throw away the card or envelope that goes with it and keep the letter. The principle behind it is keeping what’s truly important. That’s how you can narrow-down the items.






6. Donate those items

If you plan to give the items to your friends and family, make sure that they’ll find the items useful. Otherwise, you’re only transferring the clutter. Make it easy for you by donating the items to specific communities or organizations. They’ll be grateful that you’ve shared an item they might need.


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