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6 Things Only Frugal Women Know

A family who doesn’t know how stay within a budget will face a huge pile of endless expenses, but with a frugal woman in the house, they can rely on someone who can take control of the cash flow. Here are some of the tricks they do to keep financial woes at bay.

shop online1. Shop online to save more money.
There are no parking fees and gas expenses when you shop online, and the temptation to walk around and check out other stores is reduced big time. What’s more, coupons and discounts are offered.




2. Control kids and their tantrums before going to the mall.
Hearing your kids cry and scream at the toy store will only lead you to buying the toy they want. Avoid the tantrums through an open discussion on the way to the mall, and promise them a definite time they can have the plushie they want.

3. Groom pets in the house to limit expenses.
Every pet owner knows that lovable animals are part of the family, but they can’t deny that they will eat a portion of the budget. Skip the trip to the pet shop and do grooming by yourself. This will help keep the expenses at bay.

4. Avoid the flashy brand names.
When it comes to personal care products like foundation, eye liner, and mascara, a lot of expensive brand names are very enticing, but they usually come with stiff price tags. Check the quality items you see in the drug store instead and get the ones that suit you best.

money kids bank5. Teach children the value of money.
Most parents are generally reluctant to talk about money with their children because they feel it’s not an issue kids have to face at their young age. Fortunately, there are games that can teach kids financial value and how to take care of their money. This way, the children will understand its true importance.



6. Go on cheap yet romantic dates.
As a couple, moms and dads should have quality time on their own without risking their children’s college plans. Romantic dates doesn’t necessarily have to be in expensive restaurant. A movie night at home is an alternative as well as taking a stroll and eating at the downtown food trucks.

frugal pennies

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