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6 Surprising Germ Filled Places In Your Home

Danger: Germs and bacteria are everywhere. They are sneaky, threatening, and ready to attack even at the most unusual places. The question is, are you sure your home is safe? Get ready to know the surprising areas where they can hide.

1. Kitchen.
Head to your kitchen and check the spots that hold the most moisture. You’ll probably point to the dish towels and sponges. But aside from that, the faucet creates an awful smell when you turn it on and off with dirty hands. After washing the dishes, pots, and pans, clean them with antimicrobial soap and make sure to wipe them dry.

entry way2. Knobs, switches, and cabinets.
As soon as you get to the doorstep, you open the door and switch on the lights. And if you have a shoe cabinet, you shoot your leathers or sneakers inside. Have you thought of all the germs that thrive in these areas? Better clean them at least once a week with disinfectant spray.




3. Make-up kit.
Women who put on make-up rely on a travel kit when they’re in a hurry for work. Since these things have applicators that come with nooks and bristles, germs can start flourishing in those tight spots. Prevent them from reaching your eyes. Use soap and water to wash them.



washing machine4. Laundry.
Do you keep your laundry sitting in the machine after washing them? They become more prone to germ build-up in as fast as 30 minutes. Let them spin again to get rid of germs or better yet, take them out immediately.




remote controls5. Electronics.
The remote control is held more times than anything inside the house, and your phone, laptop, and tablet follow suit. Surprisingly, these things gather more bacteria than a regularly cleaned toilet. Keep them germ-free by using cleaning supplies sold at electronic stores. Be sure to read the label before using them.



6. Bathroom.
While most people regularly clean their toilets, there are some parts that are often missed. These are the drains and faucets that gather the soap scum and grime. The toilet bowl knob and bathroom floor is also prone to germs. Always keep them dry.

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