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6 Interior Design Projects You Can Tackle For Under $20

Home improvements can cost a lot, but would you believe that with a combination of craftiness and inspiration, you can complete an awesome project for $20? Check our ideas that will surely get you moving this weekend.

1. See a new light in the kitchen.
The window shade by the kitchen sink is often exposed to splashes of water from dish washing. Change the backdrop with a stained window and inexpensive fabric. A soft color is easy on the eyes.

trim work2. Create new trim work.
Trim work around the house cost way more than just 20 bucks, but if you already have them installed, you can make some needed improvement. Work on damaged molding and baseboards or replace damaged end caps. That’s one way to keep them looking new.




3. Keep the pathway clear.
It’s difficult to keep the floor clean when rain suddenly pours and shoes get all wet. Solve this problem with a jelly roll pan tucked underneath a high table for those shoes. Also, roll down a mat that can absorb dirt and rain water.

side table painted4. Paint a new look.
Nothing else can breathe new life to your old furniture than a bright paint, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. When you have wooden tables, cabinets, and chairs, be sure to remove the wax and then sandpaper those rough portions. Remember to use stain-blocking primer as well.




bookshelves5. Turn shelves into attractive deco.
Big and bulky shelves can be a sight for sore eyes. Plus, they eat up a chunk of space inside the house. Turn things around and give it an exciting backdrop using scrapbook paper or fabric. Measure the size perfectly and put the backdrop in place.




6. Find storage for important items.
Where do you usually leave your house keys, car key, and mail? If it’s just on the counter near the door or on the dining table, then you can easily misplace them. Find a location where they can be stored safely like the back of a cabinet door. All you need are peg boards, magnetic strips, and hooks.

bookshelves 2

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