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6 Helpful Hints To Get A More Effective Shave

Women who shave their legs love the smooth feel of their skin. However, it’s not as simple as holding a razor and removing hair at will. Get down to the thick of things and learn these ideas from women who understand regular shaving more than anyone else.



Exfoliate before getting to it
Get a good scrub to lift your hair before proceeding to your close shave. This will remove dead skin cells and hinder them from sticking onto your razor.

Easy does it
A fresh and sharp blade is always a suspect for nicks and cuts on your skin. Use gentle strokes if you bought a new one. Also, when you’re already shaving up to the knees, make short and careful strokes. The tight and awkward areas are prone to wounds.

Forget the soap; try different alternatives
One rookie mistake most women make is using soap for shaving. The ingredients usually found in soap dry up the skin. For starters, you can use hair conditioners or lotions. If you want to explore further, men’s shaving creams can also do the job.

no soap 2


Down then up, but never sideways
Most experts advise us to “shave with the grain” but when you’re already in the shower, do you really follow this golden rule? Perhaps those with sensitive skin heed this advice. However, if you have no time to check, then shave in a downward direction first then upward. Just remember never to go sideways, or risk getting a painful cut.




Count to three
Disposable razors are the easiest to purchase in stores, but this route doesn’t necessarily mean the best. If you’ve bought a set, use each one not more than three times.

123 circles


Don’t be afraid; make it a habit
As your shaving becomes a constant ritual, you’ll get to know how often your hair grows. More importantly, you’re more familiar with your skin. Do it daily, and turn the practice into an art.


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