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6 Clever Beauty Hacks Using Ice

On a hot day, I have been guilty to stick my face in the freezer (and definitely not grab a popsicle) and just enjoy the cool air. The first blast of freezing air when you open the door is like a rush down my spine. While it’s great in the summer, ice can actually be incorporated into your beauty routine for incredible results!

6.15j1. Green tea is excellent for your face! Get rid of those dark circles under your eyes with a super-charged ice cube made of green tea! All you need to do is brew a small amount of green tea, wait for it to cool, and freeze it in an ice cube tray! In the mornings, this will work even better than a frozen spoon or a cold towel because the properties in green tea are great for your skin on their own. Be sure to rub the cubes on your face as long as you can stand. The ice will diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, too!


6.15l2. Create an after-sun cure by freezing aloe vera. It’s simple and will feel amazing against sunburn skin. All you need to do is scrape off the gel of an aloe vera plant or freeze the aloe vera gel that you can buy at the store. The ice cubes melt onto the scorching skin fairly quickly, so if there is a lot of skin that has been sunburned, grab a few more just in case. After the skin is a bit numb, the pain will subside and start to feel a bit better. Keep a tray of this at all times during the summer months!


6.15k3. Reduce the size of a pimple with ice! The cold water makes your pores smaller, which causes acne to shrink as well. This method after you have cleansed your face will help with future breakouts, too! Once your pores have closed up due to being exposed to the cold, less bacteria will be able to enter them. Close those pores with ice and see if it makes a difference for you, too!





6.15m4. During the warmer months, you can give yourself a facial made with water and essential oils! Lavender essential oil is a great way to calm down after a long, hot day! In a bowl, mix 2 cups of water and a generous amount of essential oils. If you have flower petals or herbs, you can add these in, too. Mix everything well and freeze the mixture in ice cubes. Once they’re completely frozen, wrap a few cubes in a cloth and gently press the cloth to your skin. The essential oils are good for your skin, and the ice will help to close up your pores. It’s a DIY spa day!


6.15n5. A quick ice bath is good for your skin and dark circles. If you don’t have time to freeze green tea or essential oils, you can just do it the simple way! In a large bowl (big enough to dip your face into) add water until it fills up about half way. Take a large amount of ice (10 – 15 cubes) and drop them into the water. Once you’ve cleansed your face, dip your face into the ice bath to seal up your pores, reduce the size of fine lines, diminish the size and redness of any pimples, and get rid of that dark under eye! It’s quick, easy, and best of all, it’s practically free!


6.15o6. Ease the pain of tweezing your eyebrows by rubbing an ice cube along your brows before you break out your favorite tweezers and tame that brow! Once the skin has been numbed, the pain should be significantly less. I usually pluck every other day to keep from having to pluck a lot out at once. Nothing hurts worse than having to pluck at your eyebrows for 15 minutes!

Use ice in your daily beauty routines to look younger and healthier! Sooth sunburns and under eye circles with very little effort! Ice is a very versatile tool in your beauty kit, so don’t let it go to waste!

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