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6 Casseroles To Try This Summer

We all love mom’s famous tuna casserole! She brought it everywhere – to parties, to church meetings, to picnics, and to birthdays. A casserole is a great way to easily serve a delicious meal to a lot of people with minimal effort! While I loved her and her tuna casserole very much, I decided to branch out and start trying new and creative ways to make a casserole. Get ready for the outdoor picnics, BBQs, birthday parties, and potluck dinners with these super fun casseroles!

Even if you are a casserole pro or have never made one before, you’ve got to try some of these for yourself! Here are some of the most creative recipes to try this Summer! You’re sure to find a few that will become family favorites – like mom’s tuna casserole!

Teriyaki Chicken Casserole



For a little zing! in your life, try this made-from-scratch recipe that puts a fun spin on teriyaki chicken!

You can add as many or as little vegetables as you want, too! Save any leftover teriyaki sauce in which to sautee your veggies for an extra pop of flavor.

This dish works great because it’s mostly made up of rice, so feeding a lot of people is easy! They’ll love the variety of rice and veggies at a lunchtime spread.




Scalloped Potatoes ‘n Ham

potatoThis family favorite recipe is one of our favorites to make for dinner! Since the instructions call for powdered non-dairy creamer, the cheese doesn’t curdle or clump together!

Soft, delicious potatoes and sweet bites of ham will warm your belly and your heart with the first bite.

This recipe uses 6 large potatoes, so you know that no one will leave the table hungry!

These potatoes are perfect for large family get togethers.




Creamy Spinach and Cheese Casserole


This spinach casserole is so savory that you may not eat another side dish when you make it!

Packed full with two different cheeses, mushrooms, and a LOT of spinach, this meal is as filling as it is pretty. If you don’t want to eat it as an entire meal, consider baking thin slices of bread and eating it like a finger food.

I love anything with spinach and cheese, and the addition of mushrooms just takes this meal right over the top!





Traditional Lasagna


Although it is technically not a casserole, lasagna is always a crowd pleaser! With bold, comforting flavors, who can say no to a bite of this cheesy, meaty goodness?

It does take a bit of extra prep time, but it will definitely be worth it.

Lasagna is best served hot, but I’ve been known to sneak down to the fridge in the middle of the night and take a few bites as a midnight snack!

Don’t be afraid to pile on the cheese for this dish. The gooey savory sauce will be licked clean from every plate! You’ll be the hero of the party.



Tator Tot Hotdish

Tator Tot Hotdish {2 ways...with and without canned soup!}


Do you want to win “Mom of the Year?” Because this is how you win “Mom of the Year.”

I’m sure we’re all tired of “but it has stuff in it!” and “I don’t like the green things!” from our kids more times than we can count!

With a dish like this, I challenge those kiddos to even notice the added veggies! They will be so preoccupied with the delicious spread of tator tots, they won’t even care!

They can brag to their friends that “we had tots for dinner!”

Little do they know, they’ve just eaten a relatively healthy meal.


Chicken Pot Pie Casserole With Bacon Cheddar Biscuits


My number 1 gripe when making chicken pot pies is that I run out of oven-safe dishes when trying to make individual servings. When I try and make it in a larger serving, it all just ends up mushing together.

This is the perfect solution! With individual biscuits marking the serving sizes, I won’t have to guess at how much is too much.

This recipe is made up of all the traditional pot pie ingredients, and a ton more veggies!

Serve this at your next dinner and your guests will leave happy and full!






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