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5 Ways You’re Losing Money at the Grocery Store

Are you prepared to change to a healthier diet? Do you know that healthy eating usually leads to more spending? Fortunately for you, we have listed down the common mistakes that cause you to lose money at the grocery store. Here are the habits you must avoid.

Getting what’s fresh.
When you see fresh berries on display, you can’t help but to salivate over one of the most nutritious fruits ever. The only problem is your budget. Don’t be afraid to grab the frozen alternative. It costs less, and has the same nutritional value.




Choosing the instant.
The meal plan you’ve created includes oats in there somewhere. This good source of energy is a common choice for the morning. Since you’re usually on a hurry at this time, go with quick-cook oats instead of instant. Just add hot water and you’re all set for the early commute.

kale bakedChomping on veggie snacks.
Drop by the grocery store or healthy food shops and you’ll find veggie chips are expensive salty snacks. Grab Kale chips instead and prepare them in your own kitchen. These leafy delights can be baked using cooking spray and sea salt. Put it in the oven for 15 minutes and you have a snack that tastes like potato chips.



Buying with fresh salmon fillet.
Fresh salmon is a source of omega-3 acids that’s good for the heart. However, there are times it doesn’t do well with your budget. What’s a good solution? Grab canned salmon from the rack and get the same nutrients. This one is an ingredient you can add to your healthy sandwich for lunch.

Getting whey protein.
Check out any brand of whey protein powder sold in different stores and soon enough you’ll be convinced that it’s expensive. Swap it with tofu and you’ll still get the amount of protein that you need in a day. Never mind it’s bland taste and texture because it’s a very cheap buy.

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