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5 Ways You Can Do Your Laundry For Less

The most beneficial way to save money is to cut costs on recurring expenses around the house. At the forefront of this are laundry and laundry products. Save more today by following these 5 tips to snatch a few pennies that will eventually add up to lighten your laundry load at home.

Use cold water. Detergents sold in the market these days are formulated to clean in cold water. Unless your clothes are extremely muddy or greasy, cold water is good enough to leave your clothes spic and span. Give it a try and you can save about 30 cents on every washer load of laundry.

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Try generic laundry products. If you have always paid premium for name brand laundry products, it is time to explore generic ones and enjoy the savings. Check the manufacturers of these items; they are the same as the popular brands. The leading manufacturers also make them and produce satisfying results. Additionally, you can enhance the effectiveness of these generic products by adding 1/2 cup of baking soda to the wash load. The baking soda helps control perspiration odors and regulates acidity of water so that the detergent and bleach function better.



Make DIY laundry items. Regular household items can be used to create your own cleaning materials for your clothes. Homemade detergents, fabric softeners, starch, and scent enhancers can be simply made at home even if you do not have mad scientist skills. Four simple ingredients are all it takes to make detergent in powder, liquid, or single dose units. Depending on your previous detergent, you can save at least 15 cents per load of laundry.

Add this simple fabric softener. Save up on fabric softener by adding 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar to the final rinse water. Don’t worry, your clothes will not smell because you are only adding a small amount. The vinegar works wonders for your clothes and takes out stiffness. It contains a mild acid that loosens any remnants of detergent clinging on the clothes to make them softer and more comfortable to wear.



Save on dryer products. Static cling causes grief especially in the winter. Easily solve this by adding a ball of aluminium foil to your dryer to break the cycle of static. You don’t have to use a new one with every load and just replace it every several ones. Another tip to cut costs is to use only half of a dryer sheet. The quality of the clothes will remain the same, still soft and nice smelling, at half the price. Lastly, you can DIY wool dryer balls using leftover yarn to fluff clothes and speed up drying.



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