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5 Ways To Eat Healthy On A Budget

So you want to eat healthy meals but your tight budget makes it a tough challenge. If you think this task is one hard cookie to crack, try these tips that will make your spending adjustments easy as pie.

1. Keep an eye for discounted items
Instead of writing down a grocery list based on your meal plans, check out first the items in the store because vegetables and fruits might be on discounts. This will force you to be creative on dishes you’ve never tried before. If the local store also offers a savings card, it’s a good idea to sign up for that.

2. Go with grains and beans
The usual source of protein for meat-lovers are choice cuts of beef and fresh fish. However, these expensive items take a big bite on your budget. Go for beans and whole grains to bulk up your meals. Mix them up with soups and salads for better taste.

3. Organize your fridge.
Often times, food containers inside the fridge create more harm than good. They prevent you from seeing the items that can still be used for cooking. Label these containers with masking tape, so you know what else you have. This will save you from overbuying food from the store.

4. Freeze fresh food.
When fresh produce are in season, you can buy a good deal in bulk and store them in the freezer. Stock them for months and still have them ready whenever you want to cook. The vegetables and fruits you bought are cheaper but still as fresh as the first day.

5. Discover with new cuisines.
Mexican food use a lot of inexpensive ingredients from black beans to vegetables. The same goes with Indian dishes. It’s high time you discover what these cuisines have that you might enjoy. These are surely healthy, but doesn’t cost as much.

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