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5 Teacher Appreciation Gifts For The End Of The Year

With Summer vacation right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what your kids will bring for their teachers on the last day of school. Many schools have strict guidelines when it comes to giving gifts such as monetary limits and non-edibles. Some school districts even have a strict no-gift policies in place that frustrate many parents and kids who just want their teachers to know that they are appreciated.

Here are 5 cute and useful gift ideas that will help you to get a better idea of what you want to do for your child’s teacher this year. With so many cute ideas, it’s hard to decide where to start!

A Summer Themed Basket

This idea isn’t limited to the color orange! You could use this same method with many other colors or fruits! Imagine a pink basket with a strawberry theme that said “Thank you berry much for being my teacher!”; a green and pink basket with all watermelon flavors; a blue and purple basket filled with blueberry themed gifts; or even a yellow basket overflowing with lemon scented lotion! The ideas are endless, and the total cost of the basket will fall well below any price restrictions that may exist at your child’s school.

Cute Cups and Tags

Customized cups and mugs are a great way to show your appreciation! They could have the teacher’s name, a huge thank you note, or simply a tag that says “Best Teacher Ever!” These lidded cups with plastic straws are a favorite among teachers because they keep warm beverages warm, and cold beverages cold due to the extra layer of insulation around the main part of the glass. They also cut down on condensation, which is very annoying when they are trying to grade papers and keep them from getting wet.

This type of gift would also work with a coffee mug! Choose a fun Summertime color and print out a card to match! There are so many ways to use a custom tag while sticking to a theme. Get creative and tell that teacher how much you appreciate all of their hard work!

Marker Bouquet

This gift is simple and inexpensive, but also considerate! Most teachers buy their own markers, which can get very expensive over time! Just tie a cute bow around a bundle of markers and attach a customized thank you note to let the teacher know that you care. You could match the ribbon and card with whatever colored markers you choose to really pull the whole gift together.

Flower Pot Markers


How cute is this idea! If you don’t happen to have a hole puncher on hand, you could always cut out the flower shapes by hand in different colors of construction paper. I would head to the local dollar store and see what kind of cute pots are available. This is a fun idea that the teacher could use on her desk to store all of her markers! My teachers growing up were always misplacing their markers and chalks. It will be so nice to have one place to store them all!

Flower Pot

This is my favorite out of all of the gift ideas I’ve seen online. It’s personal, environment friendly, and has a cute pun! Such a simple idea won’t take very long to make, and your child will have a blast helping you plant the flowers. You can customize this pot with different flowers, different colors, and different phrases (although I enjoy “helping me grow”).

These ideas are a great starting point! Use them to springboard your own creativity and come up with different ways to say “thank you” to the teachers who put so much effort and care into their student’s education.


Images from here, here, here, here, and here.

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