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5 Simple Steps To A Healthier Load Of Laundry

When you talk about laundry detergents, you can’t hide the toxic chemicals they have. The thing is, though, the products you’ve known and trusted for years keep you at ease despite the harmful ingredients. It’s time to change things for the better and know that doing laundry can be healthier and friendly to the environment. Here are some products you should consider.

laundry soap zum1. Wash your skin with soap, not detergent.
Hand washinghas to be done on delicate items, that’s why you have no choice but to dip your hands in water filled with detergent. There can be harmful effects on the skin considering that detergents aren’t meant for prolonged contact with your hands. Change this habit by changing your soap with Zum Clean Aromatherapy Laundry Soap. As the name suggests, it’s not detergent. That’s why your hands are free from harmful chemicals.



laundry dete method2. Reuse bottles to cut down on waste.
An eco-friendly product has to help conserve the environment both inside and out. The plastic container of Method Laundry Detergent is made from recycled materials. It’s reusable since refill pouches can be bought easily from the store. Get up to 50 loads of washing when you refill the 20 oz. bottle. The company provides a summary of the ingredients used, so it’s nice to know what exactly you are using.







laundry soap emma3. Support natural cleaning from plants.
Emma Laundry Soap is a plant-based product that doesn’t contain ingredients that you can’t even pronounce properly. It actually uses simple ingredients like water, aloe vera, plant essential oils, castile soap, and vegetable-base thickener. That wasn’t so hard to say, right? What’s more, this laundry detergent from Eco-Me is best used for baby clothes and delicate items.



laundry dete seventh gen4. Feel the care of natural ingredients.
From the outside, the container Seventh Generation 4X Laundry Detergent is made from recycled fiber. There’s an inner pouch that keeps the liquid detergent in place that protects the jug from the liquid. All the cleaning magic comes from the essential oils and fresh vanilla scent.




laundry con ecover5. Recycle plastics that work.
Ecover Laundry Liquid Concentrate has an unscented version made from only 17 ingredients that include water, alcohol denat, sodium hydroxide, and formic acid. What makes it a friend to nature is it has a packaging plastic made from plants. It’s not just part of it, but 100% made from plants. These are completely recyclable and reusable.



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