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5 Secrets for Finding Designer Deals

High-quality designer pieces are a thing of beauty. They are crafted beautifully, which make them last for a long time. This is the same reason why they are sold at steep prices. Luckily, you don’t have to pay for them in full. We have a list of tricks that will show you how to score items at the fraction of the cost.

sale discount signs1. Keep an eye for a big sale. Fashion retailers offer seasonal discount promos throughout the year. This is the best time to grab those items you’ve been wanting for so long. Check out their websites for the schedule and signup for newsletters to gain advantage on other shoppers. Who knows, there might be a surprise waiting for you at the counter.

2. Collect coupons. Get good discounts on designer items through coupons. At first glance, the percentage on these coupons seems too small, but when you accumulate them before making a purchase, you can rack up 5% to 10% on discount. Now that’s big especially when you have an expensive item in mind.

3. Make off-season purchase. Major retailers give discounts on most items at the end of the season, and these include branded clothing. Although the items might not be as hot as before, it’s still worth the buy because the mark down can get up to 50%.



sale4. Try your luck on secondhand. If you know how to check the condition of clothes, secondhand shops might be a good option. There are owners of high-end pieces that sell the products they’ve personally bought. There may be some slight imperfections because these items are pre-owned, but when the item is still in good condition, consider it as a steal since they come at discounted prices.

5. Drop by discount stores. What’s good about discount stores is that they receive the items they sell from major retailers. These are leftover pieces that are usually given out at the end of the season. A true fashionista will be thrilled to grab an item and create a stunning look off of it.



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