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5 Exciting Vacations For Families

Consider these three things when planning a complete family vacation: amazing sights, kid-friendly activities, and reasonable rates. With so many breathtaking places to visit in the USA, it will take you a long time to rank all of them. Fortunately, our list has narrowed it down to 5 of the top destinations as voted by frequent family travelers.

haiwian sunset1. Honolulu, Hawaii
The capital of Hawaii offers a perfect blend of a vibrant metropolis and island scenery. Kid-friendly beaches are nearby where they can enjoy snorkeling and swimming with dolphins. Adults can find a relaxing spot along the strip of high-rise hotels that have a commanding view of the sprawling white sand coastline.



2. Yellowstone National Park
“Old Faithful” has always been a favorite of kids when it suddenly erupts before their eyes. This is the park’s famous attractions, and there’s a lot more. Mostly in Wyoming and spreading into Montana and Idaho, Yellowstone is an outdoor haven with verdant forests, geysers, hot springs, and everything wonderful in nature.

yosemite3. Yosemite National Park
Hike, climb, and raft with the family at Yosemite. This is the best natural destination that you have to visit in the central region of California. Unlike other national parks, you can get to Yosemite a few hours by car from San Francisco. There’s no shortage of spectacular scenes and activities in this 1,200-mile landscape.


4. Washington, D.C.
A free entry to the National Zoo is a great way to kick off a fun vacation. Next up is a visit to kid-friendly museums and monuments. Adults will also find a renewed interest as the once stuffy reputation of the town has transformed to one with exciting energy. Drop by one of Georgetown’s cupcake shops for a tasty treat during the trip.

grand canyon5. Grand Canyon
When you’re searching for a truly budget-friendly vacation, there’s no better place to be than the Grand Canyon. This massive natural wonder isn’t called “grand” for nothing. It’s wide expanse measures 277 miles in length, 18 miles in width and depth. Go on a hiking, kayaking, and rafting trip with the entire family. For a quick detour, you can ride the Grand Canyon Railway to discover other spots of this famous tourist destination.



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