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4 Popular Shades For Nail Polish This Season

This season, nail polish has taken our favorite shades and given them an upgrade! With more mature shades to match our daily lives, the colors this season are perfect for work, parties, and going out on the weekends. Neon pink and bright whites are out – soft nudes and glittering pastels are the newest things in fashion. This trend doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, either. Our favorite shades are becoming softer and more versatile – this means they blend well into multiple outfits and it’s easier to create fun and eye-catching designs!

6.8iThe top trend in nails right now is a nude color that matches your skin tone. This is Picked Perfect by Essie, and there are tons of colors similar to this that you must have in your nail polish collection! A chic nude is a great addition to your colors because of how versatile it truly is. The polish can aid in any nail discolorations if you don’t have time to do a full-on manicure, and the clean look will help your fingers stay neat when you don’t have a color that will match your outfit. Find colors that match your skin tone to try out this season. The muted colors will leave the emphasis on your outfit or bag, while the polish will make your hands look well-kept and clean. Try out free samples to be sure you’re picking the right tone to match your skin!


Pink and red are always classics when it comes to nail polish, but how about branching out into a soft purple? This example is Coat Couture by Essie, and it is a great tint this season. A fun spin on purple, this polish looks great because it has a bit of shine to it as well. Branch out from pink and red by trying something bold! Purple is a great accent color if you need one because it incorporates multiple tints at once. A bit of blue, a bit of red, and a bit of pink will all match this shade without any hassle! It’s perfect for those in-between manicures. Try a few shades out before you purchase one for your nail polish arsenal!


Softer shades of green such as jade or sage are in now, too. OPI took that concept to a brighter level with their shade My Gecko Does Tricks, so don’t be afraid to get a little bold this season, too. What I love about shades similar to this is that they blend well with other polishes to make really cool designs! Try it out first using free samples before you buy a green shade, though. Finding the perfect green is a great way to jazz up your manicure!





Doing it again, OPI created Turquoise Asthetic, a bold twist on a teal shade that is bright enough to draw your eyes but is calm enough to blend well with other colors. The designs your can create from this shade are very easily incorporated into many outfits. While it may be too bold for some occasions, use it as an accent color instead of a base color. The teal will really bring out any details in blue or green clothing items as well. Remember to try out some free samples to make sure that your shade of teal will blend in with your other polishes!


While discovering your perfect nail color is something of an art, you can always mix and match different colors to create fun designs – regardless of your skill level. By using a steady hand and trendy colors, your manicure will shine! Try new colors, designs, and techniques this season by keeping your nails clean and polished. The subtle but vibrant shades are sure to bring your nails to life – try these colors out for yourself and see the difference a fun new color will make!

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