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4 Fruits That You Can Clean Your House With

6.12c1. Lemon

The citrus in lemons has various antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties – meaning they can help you cut down on germs in the kitchen! You can use lemons to get rid of tea, mustard, coffee, and grass stains too because lemons have bleaching properties as well due to their acidity. Lemons are one of the most diverse cleaning aids out there.

Clean out a smelly garbage disposal with lemons. Flush out your stinky garbage disposal by filling up your sink and adding a bit of dish soap to the water. Unplug the sink and let the disposal get a good rinsing. Next, toss in a few ice cubes and a generous amount of salt. Turn it on and don’t be afraid of the noise! The ice and abrasiveness of the salt will help knock away any gunk that’s stuck to the blades. Flush the disposal again, and run it once more with a handful of lemon peels! The lemon will get rid of that strange odor and leave your disposal smelling fresh and clean.

You can polish copper with lemon. All you need is a lemon and salt! Cut a lemon in half and use it to rub the salt over the surface of the copper pots and lids. Scrub the surface and squeeze the lemon half as you go along. You can add enough salt to make a paste as well for really tough spots.

Clean a wooden cutting board with a lemon. In the same way that you scrub the copper, you can scrub away at your wooden cutting boards, chopping blocks, and metal kitchen sink. This method gives the wooden board a very deep clean. After you’re done scrubbing, let the mixture sit on the board for about five minutes. Scrape at the wood with either a paint scraper or a spatula and try not to cringe at the amount of gunk that comes up out of your cutting board.

6.12d2. Grapefruit

Grapefruits are amazing for cleaning up stains in the bathroom. Scrub away build up, gunk, and mildew easily! Just grab a grapefruit. Cut the grapefruit in half and pour a good amount of salt onto one half. Sprinkle salt over the area you need to clean as well. Use the half of the grapefruit to scrub away at the dirty areas and pick up more salt as your scrub along. Not only will your bathroom smell amazing, it’ll be clean and fresh, too!



6.12e3. Orange peels

Orange peels work similarly to lemons as they are also all-purpose cleaners and can also be used in laundry. The peels of oranges can extract oil, too. Make a cleaner by soaking the orange peels in white vinegar! It completely changes the smell of the vinegar and makes a huge difference when you’re cleaning around your kitchen.

You can toss in an orange peel every time that you run your garbage disposal to keep it clean and fresh! You can use a half orange to clean out your sink, too, if you don’t have a lemon. Use salt to remove any leftover scum by coating the orange half with it and scrubbing away!

6.12f4. Banana peels

Banana peels are excellent for shining silverware! Seriously. Rub banana peels on your silver and watch them shine! It is also the best thing to add to your compost pile because banana peels break down very quickly. They also clean leather shoes (and the silver buckles, too!) so remember them the next time your shoes are looking a bit dingy.

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